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May 24, 2010 | Doing business

In this report we are going to talk about a sector of business that many would never think to create, but, perhaps, because of ever more scarce work, the crisis that makes the future increasingly uncertain, it starts to affect a good portion of users : the funeral services.

The company that makes funeral services for third parties, is the funeral agency. A company always surrounded by an aura of sadness and bad luck, but in reality is a the group that encompasses one high quality of professionals who are at the service of those who have lost a family member, following all the phases of the funeral formalities and the ceremony, transportation and burial of the deceased.


And yes, we are all potential customers and we will, ( we hope for a distant day of course) the actual customers of a funeral parlor. This company is classified as an agency business as well as a comercial business if he also undertakes in the sale of funeral furnishings (coffins, candles, etc..), and if it deals about preparation of flowers for the funeral , is also considered a craft company.

The services of a funeral parlor are very many, though apparently directed toward a single type of action: the funeral. The sector is represented with dignity and therefore competition is not lacking, because there will never lack customers. The business of these companies is growing. At the end of 2009 Italian firms funeral were about 6000. Among the regions with the main competition are Lombardy, Lazio and Sicily, followed by Campania and Piedmont. The funeral business with more density is right in the South with 20 firms per 100 thousand residents. The data, drawn from the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and Istat, are listed on the site sector.

The portal, published by Euro Act Ltd, also publishes informations about tax and regulatory references that a contractor of the funeral topic, need to know.

But let’s step by step in order to deal with all aspects that can bring to the construction of funeral agency. After mentioning the distribution of competition, we pass to analyze the corporate structure. The funeral homes are often a family business handed down from father to son. Sons do not always want to undertake the job of parents that at the threshold of retirement are forced to sell the activity. The solution to detect a funeral agency already existed, could prove a winning choice, because goodwill and reputation of the company has enjoyed over the years, help very much.

Although it should consider a significant investment that will repay the undertaking of years of work, equipment owned and the value of start up.


Not that start from scratch, permit to save on the investment; indeed, consider that 100 thousand euro may not be enough. That can be the investment required to start a funeral parlor for animals, a sort of interesting innovation for those working in the field of funeral practices, ie, services for the burial of our beloved four-legged friends.

Detect an existing funeral, perhaps, could lead to considerable savings on the initial investment. Some undertakers ask sums around 50 000 euros. But before such to do an operation, must wonder why this price, if the company is profitable, that is if he can withstand the competition, if a request is so low because dictated by the will of the owner to abandon forever the old work even at the cost of giving activity for little money.

After considered all the variables and dynamics underlying the sale of the company, you may decide to purchase or to create from scratch its own funeral agency. Even this segment of the company, is ranked in the annals of the franchising mark by some consolidated companies that are offering affiliate opportunities to their name and their know-how. Which is not to despise, especially those who want to become a mortician for the first time.

Be followed by a sign with solid experience, allows you to start the company with a solid foundation of experience, to be used in performing the activity. About the job, we must emphasize that this is a job 24 hours on 24, where there are no schedules or taking holidays, but only the needs of those who lost, often suddenly and tragically, of loved ones. The spirit of sacrifice and the ability to respect and listen to the pain of others, are the fundamental requirements of the impresario and staff of the funeral agency. Continue.

Rosalba Mancuso

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