Open a funeral agency. Second part.

June 2, 2010 | Doing business

Listening skills and spirit of sacrifice are some of the basic requirements needed to open a funeral business. In fact to put on the company it is need not only to have natural endowments, also the existing legislation, in fact requires precise requirements that allow it to be licensed in the activity.


These requirements are moral, professional and economic. If you want to become undertakers, you must have the capacity to take commitments from third parties, without obligation of contract of representation, you have to be that age and be eighteen years of age have not been banned or have undergone procedures ban.

Is required by law also the possession of moral requirements, such as lack of convictions and the like, in short, more or less requirements that are required for access to public competitions. It could not be otherwise, since the type of enterprise that develop a particular public service which falls under the police morgue, whose terms are set by operational requirements (regulations) municipal. It is also because, also the funeral agency is one of agency business that are subject to the discipline of the Consolidated Laws on Public Safety.


In the past the license was issued by the office of police. With the reform of the trade rules and public security, some activities such as that we are talking, they lost the obligation to request the license to the police, who today is replaced by the complaint of start-up of the activity with the submission to the municipally trade office.

The bureaucratic steps to implement the company are set by municipalities based on the regional standards. This is why it is essential to contact the offices of the municipality or region of residence, before starting the activity. In this way we can know in advance all the steps and the documents to do before to denounce the opening of the company, minimizing the margin for error.

Okay that to these things thinks the accountant, but knowing the documents to be submitted and to be signed, any costs for rights and stamps, are informations that a good entrepreneur must know.

Backing to the list of the requirements for the exercise of the activity, the premises must be in possession of a valid building permit, the holder of the company to be in possesses sufficient financial ability, that is a customer bankable, that is, able to obtain loans from the system credit. These requirements must also match those for engaging in commercial activities (for sale of funeral objects ) and artisans (for manual completion of decoration and composition of the bodies) such as the inclusion of craft enterprises held by the Chambers of Commerce.

The premises must be under, that is, able to use them to perform the funeral services; they should therefore not be subject to particular constraints and classified according to the PRG. The permission to build the places to exercise the company is subject to checks such as environmental impact .


After learning on quickly the bureaucratic steps to create the company (to check with their municipality of residence), you are asking if you need to have special training to become undertakers. We say that those who have inherited the task of parents, has learned his trade in the field, who starts from scratch, some things are very important on how to tackle this job, you just know that. Meanwhile, a high school diploma is the minimum, preferably in technical scientific knowledge is learned in chemistry, physics, biology and merchandise but also to address the administrative and commercial aspects, because the funeral homes in addition to selling coffins , flower arranging and composing bodies must deal with all formalities and documentation of the deceased subject.

The funeral business is also subject, by regional arrangements, to implement formation plans for staff training and to respect all rules concerning safety of workers. Many, therefore, things to know before becoming undertakers. Ad hoc training courses are offered by major trade associations. Among which we quote the Feniof, National Federation of Funeral and the various regional associations recognized by it and listed on the site of that link: Among the courses offered by associations representing the class, as provided by law 626 on occupational safety, but also courses on funeral etiquette to learn the proper rules of conduct in the performance of funeral service. Continued on the next episode with more details on the various aspects pertaining to the sector of the business object of our discussion. Follow us.

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