Relocate to Switzerland : open a business in the Swiss cantons. Part two.

December 14, 2010 | Doing business abroad

Welcome back to the second part devoted to the interview with Lorenzo Bessone, representative in Italy for the Greater Geneva GGBa Berne area, economic development agency of Western Switzerland, on the opportunity to relocate a company or open an activity in Switzerland.

We continue with the other questions:

How many time is need to open a business?

The times are very low, within a few days, the company is incorporated and with the tiling of the Project Director, the contractor should not spend more than a day to these bureaucratic problems.

The share capital, is to be paid between 20,000 and 100,000 CHF for the establishment of a limited liability company or a sa.

What it could be more onerous about the obligations in your opinion?

There is only one real limit to these operations: the company must have an outlet at the international level and must be structured to take up employment abroad.

How far from the Italian border on the Canton of reference (by car or other means) if the entrepreneur come home on weekends to his family.

Western Switzerland, is bordering Italy and enjoys direct access to highly efficient: Eurocity trains along the Milan-Milan and LausanneBern (both cities are reachable in just over three hours) and direct flights from Milan and Rome Geneva, which are added charter flights on the Berne aeroport and road links via AostaGran San Bernardo – Martigny and BrigDomodossola.

A hint at the possibility of moving with family to follow, there may be problems?

Mountain and lake landscapes, make the area GGBa very special for a better work / life balance; in GGBa are some of the most renowned institutions in the academic world, such as the ‘EPFL and the University of Lausanne, Switzerland‘s largest campus with 25,000 students, the University of Berne, Fribourg, Geneva and Neuchatel, University Hospital Bern (Insel), Geneva (HUG) and Lausanne (CHUV), the IMD: these are all major scientific institutions, universities and research form young highly skilled and competitive. On this basis, our area is building its future.

What kind of companies decide to move?

Without excluding other activities, we are more attractive:

international services: for commercial companies, financial, management, consulting, marketing of the enginering and headquarters of global companies;

in production: for activities related to nanotechnology, biotechnology, microtechnology and micro-mechanical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, ICT, software development, artificial intelligence, supply aviation, luxury goods, cleantech, chemistry and electronics.

Companies that are going to open in Swiss territory, for which reasons choose this location (in based on his experience): tax, bureaucracy, new opportunities etc..?

Companies that are interested in our area, are looking for a location where you can make business more competitive: in GGBa, the entrepreneur can devote his time fully to develop its business and its strategy, the competitive arm of percentual of tax is actually a tax for which industries may benefit, but important because it creates internal cash flow but is not often, what the does take the decision to the entrepreneur to come to GGBa.

Do you think it can grow the desire to move from Italy to build something new or at least, to continue their own experience of entrepreneurs in Switzerland?

I think that the offer of GGBa today is quite concrete and prestige in this area we are laying the foundations for strengthening the competitiveness achieved through an industrial policy that aims to bring the best from the world of business excellence.

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