What activities to open? What will be the business of the future? Part one.

February 10, 2011 | Doing business

From an article on mandilo.com, where in an interview with an entrepreneur / investor, reference was made to the fields that in the future, may offer the best opportunities.

The protagonist, spoken about a series of habits and trends that allow to identify in which way the needs and consumptions are coming for next years by the people.

What activities to open and in which areas to invest?

Always looking at the analysis made by the interviewed, it is shown that the holiday is and will become more and more an indispensable product for more and more people and more and more heterogeneous, that is, between different social classes and earnings capacity, and different habits, sexual preferences other than police and religious tendencies, and also different methods of using the holiday period.

And so on, also the field of body care, intended as outer beauty and as a research health and wellness.

In the past, in a post, we have encouraged entrepreneurs to look more carefully where the advertising is more focused, especially television, which is directed generally to a more popular audience.

Looking carefully, it is clear that a good portion of the products and services advertised are aimed at an age between thirty-five and seventy years, in particular, the range between forty and sixty-five.

They are used mostly some testimonial that are not young but well-appreciated characters that worked in the show in the last twenty, thirty and even forty-five years, in particular, on television.

Therefore, it is clear the objective and the target aimed at by advertising.

Products and services for an increasingly mature public that for the field of health and personal well-being, is willing to spend part of their income.

Which sectors are most profitable: what activities are to open?

Then, after we have defined a sector that we believe in growth or otherwise able to offer excellent opportunities for the future, we must identify the segment in which we operate.

The choice of the segment in which to open a business and the diversification strategies to distinguish ourself from competitors, will be the points that we will deepen in the next episode.


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