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January 13, 2010 | Doing business

Open a shop franchising: Starting OUTLET

Continue our deepening the planet dedicated outlet. After review of a business representative for the field in the context of household merchandise, who has kindly given the opportunity to tell and to tell his story, featuring an interview with you “live” with one of the protagonists in the life of this company: Maurizio Ghidelli, commercial director of We decided, thanks to the kind cooperation of the interviewee, to go forward with this topic to assess (value) more specifically the idea of starting a shop outlet. Business decisions are always well-considered and whether to give the right advice, the experts involved in the matter, is even better, because from the beginning, knowing what you should encounter is certainly less traumatic than starting with a choice to the “dark” . It ‘the same suggestions given during this interview by the same Ghidelli. But let’s let him make you understand what you need and not have to do to start managing a store outlets, even with the formula of the franchise.

Dr. Ghidelli, dedicated to his holding in the review we detail some of the same features and some aspects of your project franchising, but we would like to ask you some questions to know even more about its industry. To ask whether this beginning with the outlet of the household is more profitable than other sectors.

L ‘affordability’ s Outlet is true in virtue of the seriousness of ‘company that governs it.

Not cheat our customers by raising prices and then discounted and the discounts are real savings is substantial. If you intend to return investment, it is on par with the best economic realities if they are conducted with the trappings of able men.


Is ‘less competitive than others?

If for others, you mean different sectors, the answer is’ no . If, however, mean the answer is always no competitor as expressed in the answer to your first question.

If there is competition in your industry ,how to deal with competitors?

Competition exists all right, but you deal with the organization and the experience of a company that has been in business for over 40 years.

What requirements must have an aspiring entrepreneur to start a household outlet?

Desire to “engage” even in times of crisis. Our formula is capable of double-digit sales increase compared tolast year.

In order for a franchise in your area (household products)

has happened, what mistakes affiliates must avoid ?

The franchisee must avoid doing with his head and must faithfully follow the advice and know-how of its parent.

How did you bet on this particular proposal and the franchise outlet?

About outlet because we were convinced of the relevance of the proposal and franchises for recruiting new people we want to put their intelligence available to our formula. We believe that growth in membership of a formula should rise from new franchisees as well as being essential for rapid growth of the whole system.

Given the delicate global economic conditions, as assessing the development of your industry: positive or negative?

When there are economic downturns usually internalizes so much more living at home consumed more of our products. Not only that our industry has never enjoyed high sales peaks even when things were going well, but does not suffer from either of falls precipitate when things do not go well. It ‘a good shelter for an investor.

Supeficie minimum investment and an outlet to outlet and household objects?

Today those who want to become entrepreneurs in franchising must realize that to do so must make available economic capacity although inferior to the possibilities of starting their own without affiliation. Open a ‘business without this parachute is tantamount to a leap in the dark and an impropriety in proposing ‘s investment. Our company develops a B.E.P. to cover all the needs of each individual investment. the minimum area depends on the number of potential buyers and the passage of people in the street .

What are the geographical areas of Italian territory more receptive to the outlet stores?

Certainly in southern Italy, the attention to this formula is generally

high. The southern regions are now much attention to this formula in the market in general and also to our own.

There are areas where advised not to invest?

None in particular whether if the people who run it are capable and determinate.

What is the score of a type of household outlet?

Customers are heterogeneous and this type of store attracts every type of person

As a typical customer spends on average to acquire objects for the home with formula outlet?

The average receipt is to ‘approximately 20 Euros, but the surprising thing is the very high frequency that the same customer in the store.

Which products are most popular and why?

Benefit viable use for the home: cookware, housewares in general, but also seasonal products such as coolers, evaporators and quant ‘other servant in the home. These stores also cover the desertification of the city caused by the closure of outlets and serving real people living in them.

Your Outlet also provides Village Outlet?

Currently no, but it is a possibility that we are approaching.

What has most affected in recent years on the turnover of your company?

Sales with the traditional system (wholesale – retail), the formula or franchise outlet, that is what your core business?

The backbone of Flli Fontana Kasanova with its 180 shops and youngest son is now’ s outlet of kasalingo. Our dedication is all directed toward these two businesses and we have abandoned years sales from the wholesaler.

Different indexes web portals which are headed to your company: Fountana Casa,, Fontana Outlet, Outlet of Kasalingo, may

explain to readers the mission of the different business areas?

Fontana Casa and a Fontana Outlet are both outlet store where the owner’s son runs a shop owner of the very high turnover with a more traditional store outlets composite formula with all major brands in the industry. Kasanova deals make stores instead of gifts, household goods and wedding list with a brand now firmly established for 15 years.

Can you tell us how many affiliates now has your firm? Are more men or women?

Kasanova has 119 members while the ‘outlet that is born of two years he has 7. There is sort of foreclosure in our stores to run by women or men. The ‘important is their desire to do the’ resourcefulness and willingness to learn.

We thank Dr. Ghidelli for the information .

Rosalba Mancuso

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