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January 11, 2010 | Doing business

Becoming an entrepreneur : open a cleaning company.

Important economic observers, note that if the 2010 will be a year marked by the end of the global crisis, will also be the year that affected most of the harmful effects of the same, with lower consumption and employment. But the views of the pessimists or the optimists should not scare much. While each individual is master of its own destiny in this new entry, we want to offer yet another weapon to better address the problems of the economy, discuss launching a company in a traditional industry: the cleaner. Manual workers, linked to the rediscovery of old traditions, are, in fact, those who can save our lives from bankruptcy and unemployment without hope.Who believe that manual laborers are not required diplomas or degrees: make a mistake. Even in the field of cleaning companies, the regulations provide appropriate licenses and professional qualifications, including degrees and diplomas. Your earned degrees, if you choose to start a cleaning company, they are not wasted, but rather, will provide an ideal passport to enter more easily the bureaucratic process of creation. For the rest we must just get rid of atavistic and irrational prejudices that consider disqualifying the work manual. This taboo is also confirmed by the study of the Foundation and the Center Ethnoland studies Idos – Dossier Caritas / Migrantes noting that about 1 / 3 of immigrants is employed in the lower segment of the labor system. Four of every ten employees of this segment, have a diploma. And 40% of immigrants graduates who performs work called “unqualified”. Start a cleaning company, however, is not disqualifying a job, but requires good planning and organization skills and high professionalism. The cleaning company covered by a very large enterprise sector, is a service that can be configured as craft and as a commercial enterprise.



The market in which it is addressed generally divided into two areas: home and business. The first case will provide cleaning services for private homes, in the second for companies such as banks, industries, but also public buildings such as hospitals, which often leads special winning bids. Despite appearances, even the cleaning companies have had in recent years, a fair degree of growth and widespread presence in the territory.
So, before starting the activity, you must know the distribution of competition. Winning tactic is always to begin competition in an area with no or very low. When competition rises, often the war wears on the level of professional fees charged to the client, but if this falls significantly, the firm’s profitability could suffer irreparably. To learn more about the number of cleaning firms present in Italy, we helped with an online database of industry that gave us an interesting overview of the distribution of these firms in the country. In Sicily there are 334 pages that contained references to cleaning companies, 152 in Calabria, Sardinia in 203, but the North is the one with the boom of cleaning companies. Lombardy, in fact, counts for 1675 pages with references to corporate sector, following the Veneto (889), Piedmont (829), Emilia Romagna (795), Lazio (562) and Trentino (193). We have links to the databases that you can also try to see how many companies operate in regions that we have not listed or in your local area. Another curiosity is that we do not want to omit the “cleaning companies” in the search engines well flakes 900 thousand results, cleaning the floor, on the contrary from 898 thousand. The industry exists, is nurtured and is a reality with which we must confront, proving that necessity is the mother wit and no good businessman, with times like these, want to miss the opportunity to gain by offering this type of service . But who are the clients of the cleaning? For the household sector, some families of high income, in which both spouses work and have no time to devote to cleaning the house, in the corporate sector, public enterprises and private, of course, that now occur for all services, from meals, ITC management, cleaning, in outsourcing services. The difficulty for entrepreneurs of cleaning firms is now represented not only by competition but also the black, many operators offer domestic cleaning services for a few euros per hour, without having to shoulder real organizations. But even if the organization exists, to grab a good customer base, we are ready to lower rates dramatically, often to the detriment of the quality of work. So the ability of good cleaning company will be to make it clear to the customer the benefits of having a supply of quality, good value for money. A house very clean and well disinfected, it will last much longer than a clean one hurt a lower price. With the advantage that the higher cost of supply would be amortized by the long interval between intervention and the other. Other requirements for those who want to start a cleaning company have a healthy and robust physique. The work of cleaning and, obviously , manual work that involves its fair amount of effort. But we see in detail what makes a cleaning performance.



With this definition are all companies which are engaged in cleaning, that is , operations to remove dust and dirt; disinfection procedures to eliminate germs and that bacteria from disinfection operations to remove small animals and pests, rodent control, to eliminate mice and rats;
sanitation procedures that together comprise what we have listed. Not part of the cleaning, the expurgated wells blacks, chimney cleaning, maintenance and cleaning of the gardens, cleaning of streets and squares. Some companies also make cleaning and pruning, gardening services, through skilled gardeners, widening the range of services and form part of a broader category of enterprise services underwent several procedures, such as the complaint and the notice of commencement activities for submission to the Chamber of Commerce, every time you start the business for the first time or adding new services. The law regulating the business of cleaning is the No. 82/1994. The rule provides for the operation of, the possession of certain requirements of integrity, such as exclusion of convictions or criminal proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings, violations of labor standards. To be authorized to practice, the cleaning company must be registered of small businesses, the province in which the activities. In addition to the fit, the owners or shareholders of the company must also possess the financial requirements of economic capacity, as the absence of protest notes in the last five years, registration with INPS and INAIL the owner and staff that any employee receives’ s firm, existence of banking relationships, that is at least a bank account or post office. Crucial to carry out the activity, even possession of technical and professional requirements. These requirements are required to carry out pest control, rodent control and sanitation. This is the possession of the qualification to be a diploma or a degree in technical direction, or certificate of qualification to address technical results achieved pursuant to the laws on vocational training. The courses should provide lessons biennial concepts of chemistry and biological sciences and natural. Exercise alone does not provide cleaning activities possession of minimum qualification or employed in the technical management, figure expected to carry out the activities listed above. The legal form of cleaning can be the individual firm, but also the co-operative society or limited partnership or limited or general partnership. In order to perform services for public institutions through tenders, the company must be enrolled in the Business Register or dawn of small businesses, at least two years. Will also join the group classification of turnover, which was held by the Chamber of Commerce. The bands are 8 and range from the first, up to 51 thousand euros, to a maximum of 8 million. The minimum level of turnover (excluding VAT) to subscribe to the first portion is about 31 thousand euros. For more information and to participate in vocational training courses in the field, you can turn to professional associations. They are: Anid and the National Association of Pest Control Companies, FISE is the Federation Services Companies, operates as part of Confindustria and gathers 10 associations including ANIP, the National Association of cleaning companies. Third is Fnip, Federation of Cleaning and Environmental Services which operates within Confcommercio. Thus ends the first episode of our reportage. In the following, more useful information about this area of business.

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