Open a cleaning company. Second Part.

January 20, 2010 | Doing business

Open a cleaning company. Part Two.
Becoming an entrepreneur : to open a cleaning company.

The cleaning company, compared to other sectors, requires an initial investment lower. But the fact remains that in comparison with service agencies, whose services can take place safely on line, without major investments in equipment, the company dedicated to cleaning and disinfection of the home and business, must necessarily resort to a certain spending the purchase of tools.


In this second part of our investigation, we will speak about costs of equipment necessary for completion of cleaning work, to get an overview of the investment money to be used in developing the activity. As for the startup of the bureaucratic costs, charges, stamp duty and fees paid to the secretariat by the Chamber of Commerce, are similar for many other types of businesses, hovering at around 100 euros for the annual fee and a few hundred euro more for entry to the Registry of Companies .


Passed this first step, we need to know what are the equipment needed to work with a cleaning company. Firstly, detergents and products and second: machines such as platforms, ladders, scrubbers, gloves, brooms, buckets and cloths, third: the truck business, where the van load cleaners and tools that are used to clean the house ‘s company customer. As for the tools “minor”, the expenditure is really insignificant and soon we will look to sites specializing in the manufacture of products for cleaning companies. The investment is the largest truck. We say that overall, will take about 20 thousand euros (used truck, minor equipment and initial costs) to start a cleaning company. Who, at the beginning, can not afford even to buy a used truck, can opt for the lease or rental fee which is well below the cost of buying and selling. And is useful and important to know that the cost of vehicles needed to carry out business activities are deductible from income tax. The limit of deductibility is set variably according to different types of vehicles and the different modes of acquisition. The maximum limit on the deductibility of the cost of the vehicle is 50%, 80% for large vehicles used in agency activities or entertainment. To purchase or lease of the car cleaning business enterprise, the percentage of deductibility can cover a cost of more than 18 thousand euros, while those hired, the percentage will apply to an amount of about 3,600 euros. Even for those who decide to purchase a new vehicle, the costs that can not be very high. Accomplice the economic and financial crisis and government incentives to car companies, the prices of commercial vehicles, at present, seem very attractive, with promotions and offers not afford to miss. Here are some examples: a van Fiat, again, it costs 19,300 euros, VAT excluded. Site of the company you choose and select different types of commercial vehicles, according to the volume of cargo, type of diet and type of transport. The database will return photos, features of the car, cost and the dealer nearest you try to live the most important undertaking of cleaning. Other proposals for commercial vehicles are available on various sites of car companies:, To find used vehicles check out the thousands of ad sites on the web, where there really spoiled for choice. Include the most popular portal,, to give an example. For lovers of the rental, we point out, again by way of example, the following portals:,,
https://, it offers a list of companies specializing in rental of commercial vehicles. Having completed the overview of commercial vehicles, we can pass to the products necessary for the cleaning and disinfection of the home and business. Regarding the type of product, it is always better to opt for quality products, non-toxic and environmentally friendly and nature. A cleaning company attentive to health of the products he uses and the health of the client, certainly offers an image of professionalism that can beat all competition. During our research on the web, the engines we have returned the results of companies specialized in providing products for cleaning companies. One of these is Kollega. Facilities are very important for the target company of our service, stairs and little Scaffoldings Mobile . These are tools that are used to make cleaners that require elevation of the operator. Very useful platforms for the van: tools necessary for the transport of tools and equipment for cleaning, such as scrubbers or pressure washers large. Across platforms, tools will be moved more quickly, effortlessly and without risk to the workers. Kollega also provides suits and masks from work, complements essential for a cleaning company with activities of pest control. To satisfy your legitimate curiosity, we anticipate the cost of some machinery. A pump for spraying ranges from a minimum of 60 euro to a maximum of 349 euros. Everything depends on the model and the power of the product. But even in this case, as for the truck, we noticed that companies offering discounts and special offers. For those who want to develop a company, we would say that this is the right time to invest. A cart for washing floors costs from a minimum of 107 euros to a maximum of 232 euros. A cleaner for floors 10 liters, costs around 47 euros. Bigger spending on high-pressure cleaner. They range from a minimum of euro 900 to a maximum of 4 thousand euro. A karcher gardening costs from a minimum of 1675 euro to a maximum of 2900 euros. As for the clothes, like coats, the costs are very low. Woman coat costs 15 euros. Disposable overalls, 1.50 euros.



The business of cleaning also require the use of accessories and clothing in good standing with the law on work safety
626/94, like glasses for protection, which costs around three euros. Accessible costs of brooms, buckets, gloves. To learn more and to view the complete catalog of products, tools and equipment that should always be in a cleaning company worthy of the name, you can click the following link: com /. You will find photos, descriptions and costs. An important distinction needs to be done with regard to the work tools of a cleaning company, refers to various kinds of activities that can play the same company and that we have listed in the first episode of our reportage: cleaning, pest control and rodent control. Machinery, chemicals and equipment are different for the different activities carried out by the company. Vacuum cleaners and pressure washers are machines that are used for cleaning. Pumps and sprayers for disinfection. Waxes, detergents are chemicals for cleaning. Insecticides and herbicides are used for disinfection. Brooms, rags, gloves, buckets, has facilities for cleaning. Equipment for disinfection, are, however, pumps, suits and masks. Dispenser derattizzanti and bait, are, however, necessary tools for rodent control. If we count the cost of a new truck, produced large and of excellent quality and power, the initial investment to start a cleaning company may also rise, from 20 thousand euros mentioned at the beginning of our article, to 30 thousand euros. Everything always depends on the financial capacity of the entrepreneur and how much is willing to invest. The advice is always to act in the spirit of professionalism and quality of service to the customer. Another very important detail to the image of the cleaning, is the logo. All cleaning companies have in their van marked with a logo that represents them, logos that is also reflected in the gowns of the staff. This logo can be created by an advertising agency, or if you have a PC and know the power of graphics programs to create it yourself and try to print only the agency on the same tools. In the remainder of our investigation, we will know more details about the cleaning companies, personnel are required to perform all activities completed and performed by, the opportunities opened by government grants or franchisee, the timing of customer acquisition , return on investment and future prospects, perhaps, who knows, listening to the experiences of entrepreneurs in the sector.

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