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January 18, 2010 | Doing business

To become entrepreneur : open an editorial service.

The Network is hungry for content. With this brief account, we lay the foundation to discuss the possibility of transforming research and provision of content in a job, or rather a genuine farming activities. The advent of the Internet and the emergence of rampant web portals of all kinds, have pushed forcefully the need for editorial content which will enrich the new information platforms telematics. Textual content, audio / video and graphics, suitable for corporate sites, sites of newspapers or blogs to specialized information. The range of potential customers is huge and spaces to create an agency expert in the delivery of content are still very large. An undertaking of this kind is called “editorial service.

Start an agency of editorial services: the market

Editorial services have already an established tradition in publishing paper. These content delivery services have been provided by news agencies and communication journals and publishers that outsourced the writing of articles, editorial graphics and layout of the same. With the Web, the need for content has increased dramatically, bringing with it the demand for increased quality and quantity of their provision. The information exchanged and published on the web are updated continuously and a text written on paper that yesterday could have a value even during the day, today, network, may be worth a few seconds, replaced by more fresh and evolving. The editing is therefore increased, requiring the use of outside mediators capable of supporting rates of delivery based on quality, punctuality and precision. But even among potential Web publishers must make a certain distinction, because not all sites and portals require or feel the need to use an editorial service. Let’s talk about amateur blogs that are updated without any frequency from their publishers, or those who seek employees through advertisements on the web on a voluntary and free, why not in a position to support the financial outlay for the use of professional publishing services. Then we have many publishers who prefer to outsource the delivery of content by using external collaborators, both private and registered as reporters with specific skills that prepare and deliver items, with payment by the piece, the multimedia text, as it did and are doing everything ‘today with the traditional ones.



The fees charged by publishers to this large array of collaborators, are very variable. There is no negotiation based on specific rules and the price is often fixed by the publishers themselves. The most unscrupulous rates apply even a few cents for web content, or maximum three per post to be published on blogs for information. The content market is therefore subject to bargaining and fierce competition, as the main weaknesses of an editorial service. In this context, facing different paths: maximizing the amount and apply greater focus on low fares and rates suitable for applying the service offered. It is clear that if you want to conquer the market, we must reject proposals for work paid little or nothing. The publishing sector is full of players who are not willing or able to pay for the delivery of content, as well as those who did not give any value to information or who produces it. But there are also around publishers who are within the content creation business, seeking expert and experienced figures, publishers who prefer to negotiate with the employee or service charges that make do as long as both parties to implement a service for drawing up and updating reliable and on time. And is this the potential source of customers to whom we must make an editorial service, but also a provider of content. Customers who are to be sought by the same employer with commitment and perseverance. Even the advertising is important, but flaunt their business on the Net with redundant advertising campaigns, is not enough. The market is young, but also a good site that lists the services offered by itself may fail to meet the fierce competition of which we spoke a few lines higher. The contact with publishers of newspapers printed and online, it should be made directly, through hard work of searching the Web for all initiatives that may require or have the need to outsource the delivery and content creation. We begin by studying the different parts of the site, graphics, content, and occurs in the menu “is working with us” or “works” if you are looking for content providers for consideration. If the site were to specify the demand for employees at no charge, forget it and run to another visit soon. Found the application suitable to your service, please send a message of submission of your company via email or contact form on that site. We suggest to discard the idea of the newsletter to be sent to a group of publishers addresses found on the internet, spam filters would block the message that could be thrown together with that of similar initiatives. Contact single or phone call asking to speak with the editorial manager and after shows the profile of your firm. This is the best strategy to follow to find customers. Offer itself as a company, rather than as a collaborator, is also greater job opportunities, because the company has a VAT number, a corporate form, a holder, the costs of management and staff to meet all customer requirements. The editorial service, in fact, also offers other services: communication and press office for companies, graphic design and web design to entire websites. Charge for creating web content is often offered even by web agency, to which the customer orders the creation and management of the entire site. Even the press and communications agency offering creative services and content provision. As you can see, the editorial service is included in many other business activities ranging from information, marketing, communication, hosting service. What type of business you choose? Certainly one that most reflects the service that you offer and that you can do better. There is no legislation in the world of clear and unambiguous provision of editorial content. Law 62/2001 for the publishing industry also required in the registration to the telematic warheads Court(italian). So to create a pure editorial service, you can begin by creating a news agency registered with the Court and managing director to be a journalist on the register. The paper should have an editor who may be the owner and director of a company or be a party, with legal personality. The publisher of the press agency that provides content to subscribe to the Roc (register communication operators) the law is constantly changing, so please check often, accessing the site AGCOM, the Authority for Communications Authority, where is the register, where you can download the application forms.



The activity of editorial service can be developed in two directions: to the papaer or to the publishers and companies. In the first case works commissioned to the service will cover the preparation and layout of the media content needed to perform the service of information and the publishing house to bring the editorial product of art, text, headlines, brochures. In the second case we will create press releases and editorial to be published in the media, or other content to promote the client company as part of campaigns. This second way is to reserve the best job opportunities. In Italy there are many small and medium enterprises that can not afford personnel to be assigned to the tasks of foreign press. These companies are distributed uniformly throughout the country. When contacting these companies must take account of the geographical area where they operate, competition, the mentality of entrepreneurs themselves. The editorial service and communications agencies in Northern Italy by storm, especially in Lombardy and in its “capital” Milan. Are less common in the South, although for some ‘time, some editorial service also invests in the South: we find some agency in Foggia, Catania, for example. These companies run by journalists with experience and knowledge in field of graphics and web programming. The experience is often the basis of journalistic editorial service, but must be enriched by other forms of knowledge: graphics, web design, management, audio and video. Knowledge gained under going to work or before founding the company or with the help of a staff officer to every aspect of content creation. Most important is the ability to convince customers of the utility of the service, which will explain the benefits in terms of visibility. Essential Knowledge of foreign languages. The web is full of portals, even in other languages, familiar with few, can also find customers in the boundless.

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