Earn up on his own.

January 26, 2010 | Personal training

Which areas to earn? What do ‘take?

This is the question that we riceive in the mail from our readers.

Four weeks ago, we talked about the good intentions for this new year.

Today we enter in the concrete, trying to understand which are the sectors in real terms, offer the best opportunity ‘to gain but especially how to avoid losing money.

Becoming an entrepreneur : The first source of income is the control of exits.

Reconsidering the role of the bank.

If you’ve had entrepreneurial experience and you had to manage purchases and sales at different times or at least get paid well after having anticipated costs, understand what affects have the cost of borrowing in activity of business.

As I write this, a friend (lupus in fabula), complains to me in skype for a phone call received by the director of his bank a few hours earlier, during which he was asked to return to or remain liable to pay ‘something’ (it seems that a week before Instead had promised an increase of the exposure).

After the first consolation, I said that working in service businesses, perhaps he should seek to ‘depend on’ a little ‘less from his’ bank’ and thus avoid the end of the year to realize they have a silent partner (the bank of course )!

Earning: first of all avoid waste

One of the mistakes that small and medium entrepreneurs (and also many families) have done, even in the wake of a certain euphoria of recent years, and ‘was to’ rely ‘too much capital to the bank or credit in general, believe that it is customary to have an exposure to the bank, if it were a normal thing, like having an accountant or a family.

Customer management issues in crisis

Never as in these moments, and ‘fair assessment, even at stages where the work appears to be falling, if it’s worth the ‘taking charge’ certain work orders / customers

Sometimes, when the work falls, gli , small and medium enterprises scared, run the risk of bear unmanageable and even less profitable customers , or even ‘harmful’.

The need ‘to’ run after works, ‘because there is’ the necessity’ of having to work the company and its employees often leads entrepreneurs themselves, looking into the situation even worse:

taken down and work with a few margins

payments of work with large delays (and thus again exposing the banking system)

Clients often do not always solvent and unfortunately in some cases benefit in ‘fragile situation of the supplying’ to gain more benefits, and thus ‘make more’ precarious situation of our entrepreneur .

Overcoming the crisis: looking forward

It is always important to maintain awareness of the situation in which the company and its market of reference versa.

In moments of difficulty , often remains’ trapped’ by the logic of the type:

… ‘the crisis passes, and’ something of a passenger ‘(it says television)

….’ and ‘only a problem of some customers’ (but in the meantime i am ‘lame’)

…..’ yes, so now are starting(perhaps) those two big jobs’ (.. and ‘a little’ that start but .. WAKE UP!.)

‘and are thirty years that we are on the business, my father founded the company .’..( so what? .. your poor father left us and even the company does not go forward for inaction!)

Nothing and ‘forever! And everything and ‘continually evolving.

I talked to Mariotti (a colleague entrepreneur), him, is even in more difficult than we ‘(the logic of common mal half .. joy …)

and we could go on with excuses for inaction.

In these phases, it should reconsider many things, call in question, whether the kind of crisis that is facing and ‘only … BUT ONLY .. blame the global crisis, or vice versa, and is also a problem for the sector itself .

Overcoming the crisis: make a plan

We always work in the usual field, do more ‘or less the same things for years, maybe it is for some time that we realized something was wrong: the margins in recent years on work has decreased? Some fixed costs are increased?

The business in the meantime was constrained due to new competitors? Obligations which the company must comply (and therefore the costs) increased?

Payment slip more and more ‘forward?

Overcoming the crisis: addressing the situation.

When some time the situation is progressively worsening, even without coming to moments of total difficulties’, should begin preparing a comprehensive plan a few simple steps:


the second part next week

Andrea Figoli

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