February 8, 2010 | Redazionale

Good monday, multilingual.

As you had mentioned, and ‘become multilingual, open their own ideas and their own content to all.

Currently, there are four languages but in the coming months are likely to increase.

The objective, is ‘to confront ever more’ with a ‘market’ and a ‘public’ even more ‘broad, knowing take the best from every idea and opportunity’.

The business and information, both become increasingly more ‘global’ and therefore we accept this challenge.

The Opportunities’ will expand but it becomes more and more ‘important to the ability’ to deal with: information, ideas and opportunities’ that in the past they offered a time more long to be assimilated.

Today, we must get used to ‘absorb’ and ‘integrate’ news in less time and to
respond more quickly ‘

Seizing the opportunities’: the speed ‘and the capacity’ to assimilate and to choose.

While opportunities will grow ‘on the other there is an increasing demand to capacity’ and to velocity ‘to analyze and assimilate information. Is ever more important know how to choose, discard and find things more’ useful and important in the large number of informations and opportunities’ that arrive. Those who succeed in this capacity ‘of assimilation and synthesis, will benefit.

In April, as already ‘mentioned, will leave’ is also a new project that will give ‘greater’ strength ‘to This, we’ll talk more ‘forward.

Open a betting center

This week, we present this new argument, certainly a sector that has not had problems from the crisis

Gambling and each type of bet, have become for each social class, age, ‘nationality’, a regular event.

There are many places and modes ‘in which people gamble.

Our report will attempt ‘to present this business to understand how this sector

Good job

Andrea Figoli

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