Open a service center boilers and air conditioners

February 15, 2010 | Redazionale

Happy Mondays’,

As already ‘mentioned, last week we presented the first episode of the report devoted to the opening of a service center boilers and air conditioners.

One of those activities’ which seem to be free from crisis and contingency.

This week, we publish the second part of this report and that is limited to service centers .

The sector is very large and we have already’ ‘speak about it’ in the case of renewable energy.

So, after this report of three parts back on this because ‘is offering interesting opportunities’ to many small business owners and then, and is between the sectors to be taken into account.

In the future, we will present other professionals’ in this area, in particular, some emerging that may offer an interesting future for many young people who after a good schooling, they are ‘looking’ around to assess which professionalism ’emerging will be more’ interesting.

Become a tourist entertainers

We begin this week to discuss this new topic.

People are unlikely to renounce to their holidays and the profession of tourist entertainers is still one that many young people are doing, even for short time periods.

So, we will try to understand more ‘, through our reportage.

Internet: the mirror of the world

The Web, has become many ways, a mirror of real life.

That, is already happened many times

That, and ‘already happened many times

If we look the total number of Web users, is increasing the number of users from nations that are not part of Western Europe or North America.

The economy (and now also Internet), is the mirror of global changes and the careful observers must be prepared for many changes in next scenarios.

Good job

Andrea Figoli

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