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February 8, 2010 | Doing business

Welcome to the permanent appointment with the reportage on business creation. In this service, indeed, in what will be the first part of that talk of a new field of activities: sports betting.

We chose the topic because of the recent renewed interest of the Italians at the game and betting. An industry expert said that moves the beauty of 5 million euros per day. The market is very vast, then, and there are many people who think they start an agency of sports betting. Before leaving the stage with red tape and industry regulations, we want to give you an overview of the numbers of this impressive market. Gambling legal in Italy is now a reality well consolidated. Playing in so many, almost all. Lotteries, scratch cards, football betting and horse racing, the services of authorized games are really endless and each day attracts new clients. If yesterday were playing the usual hard core, now find peace fathers, housewives rather than being attracted to the home, are being overwhelmed by the fire of gambling.

Economists analyze the phenomenon of tying the cyclicality of economic crisis. You have fewer opportunities to work and earn, the more he believes he can earn by playing. Well nowadays, the equations are valid: more crises, more play, less work, less profit, more play. It is hoped to change his life by winning the game, rather than working. We, however, we turn to those who want to turn the game for a job and a business enterprise, offering gaming services to customers serious and professional, with an invitation to play, yes, but judiciously and in a spirit of reality.


In terms of the potential market, the statistics speak for themselves: in Italy the betting industry is the fifth largest, after the main national business realities. Indeed, recent data on the collection of games published on the AAMS (Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato), note that in the first 11 months of last year, the takings with the games were 48 billion and 614 million, an increase of 12.96% compared to 2008. More than 48% of the collection was created from the devices (slot machines), while nearly 15 with the Lottery, followed by the Lotto, nearly 10%. Expenditure per capita for a family to gambling and betting in general exceed 500 euros. In Italy were controlled, different types of game, you need to know before taking the actual start of the tutorial. Meanwhile, the main classification is that of sports betting and sports. The former sports such as football and horse race , the second, bets tied to numerical abstractions such as Lotto, the Superenalotto, or discovery of numbers and series of numbers as winning the lottery which includes the famous and the Scratch Bingo. Betting is further distinguished as a fixed rate, where the amount of the prize is already known at the time of the bet, so in case of occurrence of the event on which you bet, the player will collect the amount on which he had pointed . Other classifications are the single bet that refers to a single event on which you bet, the multiple events where they can gamble more, and in this case raises the multiplier effect of any winnings, Outright bets regarding the bet on a event will happen in the future, like who won the Serie A football. In fixed odds bets are also on systems or systems where a fixed-odds bets is shared by multiple events in a single receipt, as the football pool. Wagering on the system, in turn, are divided into full and reduced. The former include the maximum number of events predicted, the second a lower number. For example, we can group the types of games and gambling in competition at odds (especially the event), (betfair, Totogol, IL9); sports betting tote (who totals the most points in a given period), (March and Big Big Race); Bet horse racing, Internet gaming, which represents the remote gambling, lotteries, including the scratch and on-line; Games of skill (skill games). All these types of games are regulated by special regulations and decrees of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. We dwell at length on these classifications because we felt compelled to make a short introductory training to the description of the opening. You can not start a business without knowing the service you will go to tender.


Going back to what you know, it must be said that to be qualified to manage an agency of betting, sporting or otherwise, must obtain a license from ‘Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies and require a license from the Police Headquarters will be located in the territory where l ‘activities. The license is public safety which we discussed during the report devoted to the launching of an agency handling administrative details. The form can be found at this link The difficult is to overcome is just what concessions for betting, which is obtained by participating in the tender notice issued by AAMS which is published in the Official Journal. The last notice was published in 2006 and included the 1900 award of licenses for agencies. You can also open a betting within business open to the public, the point is also called “corner”. Even in this case comes up the question of grant. In 2006, the notice provided for the allocation of 4400 corner of sports betting. In total, the notice provided for the allocation of concessions for 16,300 points of sale of sports betting and horse racing. The starting price for winning the race was set at 25 -30 thousand euros and 7500 euros for the agencies for the corner. This is a first taste of the possible economic investment. To obtain the grant must wait for the next call, please consult the website frequently AAMS The interesting thing is that gambling, according to the rules in force, can be managed online via the website, but the speech is always given, because otherwise would be considered illegal activity. Are just illegal betting to represent the competition in, because being activities subject to rules and authorizations, as opposed to the volume of players, not reserve market difficulties. To win the competition illegal, which is a crime, you should exercise the civic duty of the complaint to the authorities. The gambling sector is also handled by authorized Lotto, in the year of the contract, there were already 20 thousand in Italy. Waiting for the new contract, the solution to start work remains that of the bookies affiliated with the major dealers. Why we must be realistic and understand that in an industry where they move millions of euros, holding companies and big businesses, will have more chances to win races. Speech becomes more realistic if the owner of a bar or tobacco shop will include in its public operating a game terminal, becoming a bookie, exactly.


The business is open to the public with : VAT, registration with the Chamber of Commerce, licensed by the Police Authority, which has permanent value, that should not be renewed, the agreement must require the licensee, in short, become a reseller. This is not a franchise, but an agreement to resell these services whose ownership of the dealer is authorized. This is a method to extend the gains of a business open to the public, already exists. In Italy the most important dealers are: Sisal, Lottomatica, Snai. Sisal is the dealer who manages the contests at odds, like the recent Win For Life, Scratch, Superenalotto. Snai handles like sports betting betfair, Totogol, Tris. Lottomatica, runs sports betting and not games of skill. Snai has a page dedicated to those who just want to open a game with the brand Snai reached by clicking the top left corner of the homepage menu “Open a Snai. The software Snai also helps the owner to design the decor of the store. Even Sisal, within the site has a page dedicated to those who want to start a bookie. # Http:// the link to the right you can fill out the application form. The Sisal can also accommodate the points game (corner) for horse racing betting and sports in general. In summary our report, the sector of enterprises in the world of betting is subjected to a detailed scheme approved and for the moment, in the absence of new calls for allocation of licenses, only those with an existing business can apply for a convention to dealers. The requirements of the business requesting the Convention for Sisal, for example, are to have a distance greater than 200 meters from the nearest bookies same name. The question is valid until 31 December, by then the owner may receive an inspection, if not, should be re-submitted a new application from the following January. Be submitted one request per year, more requests in the same year have no value.

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