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February 15, 2010 | Doing business

Continuing our journey into a business of betting, in its various versions and variants. The first episode had revealed a very important specific relating to this area and that is that to start an agency or even a simple website of bets or play, you had to be in possession of a license. Pending a new contract for licensing, the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies AAMS, you can not start the activity, but only to turn the gaming terminals affiliating dealers to play valuable option for shops that already exist. The sector is largely standardized and every type of game is subject to a clear legal framework. But we do not want reduce our reportage to a simple list of rules and so we refer to the link AAMS listing all the rules on individual types of play.


Who should have the idea of open a game, including online, without due authorization, he risks to the complaint, the seizure of the activity and the accusation of illegal gambling or illegal, so is good to stay away from this temptation.

We have, however decided to continue the discussion of the issue, because we live in a globalized society and what can not be undertaken in Italy, because illegal, may be legal in another state, such as U.S. citizens is banned gambling sites through the internet, so open a game site in the United States would not be winning business idea.

Result: we understand that you can not start with a website for online gaming in Italy and the USA, there are countries where you can invest. The gambling industry may, therefore, represent an enterprise to be undertaken abroad, and that work in this area through the website, is certainly the more interesting.

Why to invest in sports betting agency, and not, for various games, with a physical location, equipment, terminals, and taxation, the investment will add a few million. Good for those who have already inherited the tobacco shop and wants to join Dad at various Sisal, Lottomatica and Snai. But for those who start from scratch, the idea is surely impossible.

These costs so high, we have discovered, making the usual round of research on the web, and we want to give it to you in detail, you never know that one day in Italy to open a new call for the issuance of licensing for games and you could invest in our country. Our reports can be useful for the present, but also and above all for the future.

How much cost to start with an agency of the game? Or to obtain a license independent gambling? To answer these questions we will focus on a couple of gaming activities that go on line for the greater: the casino and poker.

Also these activities are subject to authorization, so, to start to play you need an internationally license.


Other foreign countries, unlike the U.S. and Italy, issue licenses for casinos online and so they incentive : “online gambling”. From 2008 AAMS also issues licenses for poker online. The online activity has definitely a cost lower than offline, but if made independently, however entails costs. The site offers a tutorial that explains in detail the costs and how to start an online casino abroad. There are three ways to do directly implement software casino games online licensed subject to the state, with costs that are about several million dollars to become a licensee, and so you license a software provider of online casinos . The license costs about 250 thousand dollars, usually the agreement also includes the provision of equipment and marketing, with a cost ranging from 60 thousand to 500 thousand dollars. And, finally, become a sub-licensee of a licensed operator, in this case the costs are lower, ranging from a minimum of 5 thousand to a maximum of 60 thousand dollars. Below are the percentages of earnings, and the sub-licensee will personally take care of marketing.


Also to open a poker room independent site gives us a complete picture of the investment. The initial budget is around 50 thousand euros for the single license to plus 25 thousand euro per year for renewals, the game software costs over 40 thousand euros, the cost of support services to software, customer support , hovering around 5 thousand euros. The opening, maintenance and management of the company, will spend another 5 thousand euros.

The total lack of customers, it will do also to spend significant figures in advertising. A good advertising promotion could cost even 30 thousand euros. Then there are the taxes, it is good to know the tax laws of the state where you want to open the business.

The total lack of customers, it will do also to spend significant figures in advertising. A good advertising promotion could cost even 30 thousand euros. Then there are the taxes, it is good to know the tax laws of the state where you want to open the business

Finally, the cost of service for housing, not hosting, with a good service for back up.

You need to recover data in case of disaster. The cost for this service is around 3 thousand euros per month.

For those who own these funds, trying not to harm, but for those looking for an activity that can allow a profit without spending a head-spinning, the solution is always to affiliate with online gaming companies, licensed. The operation is currently impossible to achieve in Italy, for there are not new licenses in this particular period.


Rosalba Mancuso

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