Open a business: what are the areas that offer greater opportunities?

February 21, 2010 | Redazionale

Happy Monday ‘,

These days, all the media have spoken about situation of the economy of many countries.

It seems that a small but significant recovery is started.

This means that many entrepreneurs or aspiring, are evaluating which sectors will be most profitable in the post-crisis period.

Certainly, I have observed many companies directly and I can assure you that some sectors have not felt the effects of the crisis or at any rate, they have suffered only a limited impact (not many firms, unfortunately, but a number certainly interesting).

Ideas to become entrepreneurs: what activities is better to open?

Speaking with a couple of assistence centers for mobile phones, mobile (repairing and servicing mobile phones and palms phones), they have confirmed an increase in their turnover.

Also some companies that sell local products directly to end customers, have confirmed me good results.

The sector of assistence to the person and the care of the body, have kept their turnovers to levels good.

Sure, some complain of a slight decrease but actually is also increased the number of companies in this sector offering the same services.

Thus, in mature industries, the ‘general crisis’, has little to do but rather they need to diversify and become more’ visible through offering innovative services do not yet ‘covered’ by other competitors.

I talked with some therapists and they have confermed me that they have had a slight decline, but ‘I can confirm that I know three excellent physical therapists with years of experience and with many clients that comes from distance to receive their assistence and these therapists, have not had a decrease of patients

Games and gambling, just as we mentioned in our reports, they always find new followers and loyal customers.

Ideas to starting with a business : choose an area of activity .

Of course, our list could go on but at this point, surely we will return to speak in the future.

It is not enough to make a generic list, it should be defined within the selected sector, a strategy of excellence (as in the case of the three physiotherapists) or a niche sector not yet occupied by competitors.

It is important when choosing a field, to find an area of activity consistent with our expectations and values.

Moreover, it would be unthinkable to start with an activity ‘that already’ in the starting phase we consider uninteresting and we choose only according to the possible turnover or because ‘at a trade show or event, sellers have sold us good projects (franchising) while aware that is not a sector suitable to our personality, to our values, and to our interests.

The work generally requires an interest, a passion and if we work for our company , then is must properly evaluate and choose an activity that can offer us, as well as economic rewards (essential!) also the gratification and the pleasure in performing the work.

Good job

Andrea Figoli

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