Open a company for transporting disabled people. First part.

February 25, 2010 | Doing business

The idea of treating the topic of enterprise which we present, it came us by reading a job advert. Some drivers were being sought and the request came from a gentleman with a disability. Disability is protected by specific laws, but in practice, stakeholders, struggle to find situations to normal. The most important battle is that of architectural barriers, but also that of transport.

A disabled person needs to travel for medical treatments but also for entertainment, for his commissions and do not always find a public reference, overnight or holidays. Starting a business service for transport of disabled persons, is the idea I mentioned in this report. Transportation is just one of many services that you can offer with your company.

The needs of a disabled person, are many.

Think about their moving, the moving of boxes and objects, for example. The needs are many, the demands as well. The market, in fact, exist, even if talk of “market” when it comes to such sensitive topics, we do not like it.


A firm transportation services to disabled people, or agency of removals and porterage for same subjects, is an activity that meets an important need of assistance, and has, therefore, a significant social value. The feasibility of the project company in this sector is ensured by these considerations and data on disability.

The disabled in Italy, according to ISTAT figures of 2004-2005, are nearly 3 million (2,800 thousand) on 10% of the European population, 5% of that country. Females are more affected by disability than males. The higher proportion of disabilities is concentrated in the South and the Islands, respectively 5.2% and 5.7%. In the North East with disabilities are 4.2%, 4.3% in the North West, Center, 4.9%. Disabled people from 80 years and over living in the family are around 44%. Often families can not meet all the needs of disabled people and find support for the transport needs of the spouse to take him to medical visits or assist him in his daily life, may be a factor that helps a lot disability management, including for families engaged in work activities.

The service can be offered to elderly that are dependents.

The elderly who live alone are about 5 million, but also for those who live in the family, the transport service can be very useful.

To become a driver for disabled or elderly dependents, you need three basic requirements: a license, driving skills and patience. The figure of the driver for the disabled, particularly, the person that accompanies them in opportunities for recreation and expenditure , falls within in the profession : ‘ tourist guide for disabled people’, whose status is achieved, after a special training. The courses are oriented to become a OAS, namely ‘operator socio assistance’.

These courses are organized by the regions and provide for compulsory attendance, you will acquire skills aimed to assisting the disabled, in all their needs and requirements.

The courses are held at the training institutions accredited by the Regions, at the end you will achieve a certificate enabling. The course tourist guide for disabled people, specifically, is offered by private training institutions,.

The certificate that will be awarded, will have a private nature, but if you are interested in deepening the management of the disabled person in relation to leisure, recreation further specialization, through these courses, not be excluded.

At the end of courses, training institutions, may also provide training activities at centers.


Look for more on this profession, you can link to the sites of these training institutions:;; Is also useful to obtain information from the Departments of Vocational Region of residence, which will provide a list of accredited institutions and timetables of the courses. These subjects are, in fact, financed by the ESF (European Social Fund).

The professional, can be defined as “supportive companion,” that is a tourist operator who offers to receive, assist and accompany visitors with disabilities. Such courses are generally aimed at tourist operators, ordinary citizens and disabled people who want to volunteer in the role of “carer solidarity.” The course is offered free of charge and funded pursuant of Article 12 of Law 266/91 (the Framework Law on Volunteering)

Continued on next episode. Follow us.

Rosalba Mancuso

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