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February 4, 2010 | Personal training

Welcome , in the first episode, we analyzed a few ‘voices’ of spending and some behaviors that are a problem for the company, particularly when it is already experiencing a moment of crisis.

Those actions were just examples, perhaps some of the most frequent that I met in small and medium enterprises in recent years.

The problems we mentioned, there are recent but the result of erratic behavior that finds its worst moment when fear and uncertainty of a domestic situation are mixed, creating a very dangerous mix.

Overcoming the crisis in corporate : doing an analysis to cold.

The habit and sometimes guilt, lead entrepreneurs to take hasty actions and harmful.

If one looks at the facts in a detached manner , perhaps we can find, if not the solution, at least not to worsen the current situation and in particular (the thing most important), reschedule the company’s future and our own.

Overcoming the crisis: Exit from the usual actions

It is understandable, when you live a time of’ nervous tension ‘and steadily and we are constantly subjected to psychological pressures that undermine our certainties, our objectives and also (to our eyes!) credibility’ we have gained over the years to have difficulty ‘to keep a productive and creative mind.

So what to do?

An old (and among the largest) Italian trainer (I’ve been fortunate to hear a speech several years ago), remembered his past experience in Switzerland, in the seventies:a large corporation, demanded to his the Representatives (Agents sales) when they were waiting to speak with the client (most often doctors),asked not to talk with others rapppresentanti colleagues, as they sat waiting for their turn in the waiting rooms.

This is to avoid to depress together with subjects not optimistic.

I confess that the first time I heard this story, it made me a little ‘smile (imagine the scene of a group of sellers who look dumb on the ground, ignoring each other).

Avoid being negative conditions: off the usual ‘noise’

The first thing to do, is to find a space ‘(physical and virtual together) where you can forget the usual noises ;

the second, is to ‘able to’ restart ‘creativity’, creative thinking, able to make us ‘work out solutions’ and a good productive thinking’.

Overcoming the crisis: Escaping from the usual noise

So, in order to ‘carburet good’, our mind needs to exit the ‘usual’.

From the usual speeches, from the usual repetitive actions, from the usual ‘heavy air’.

Because otherwise, even if they occur prospects or possible ideas, we can grasp with difficulty ‘or anyhow , we can not take advantage because’ our mind is ‘still’ stuck ‘with our past and our fears that that sometimes they stop us.

Next time, we’ll bring some examples of entrepreneurs in situations very ‘tense’ have ‘let go’ for a few moments and they have abandoning their voltage and with it, guilt, fear, etc….and managed to find solutions and ‘exit’ from difficult situations that for some of them, had become unsustainable.

Andrea Figoli


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