Disintermediation: Direct sales from producer to consumer. Second Part.

February 3, 2010 | Doing business

Part Two

Welcome to the second part of the report devoted to how to start a shop, set up a company’s sales and be able to earn even the general crisis, the traditional and new competition coming from the Web

In the first part, we saw some examples of activities traditional, that surrounded by competitors’ strong ‘,’ big ‘and frequently situated in a catchment area limited, are prosperous and active and are able to ensure credible and a continuous’ in a market with many competitors.

Talking with a friend that have a consultant firm, who has read the first part, we were finally to discuss, not so much amplitude or range of prices charged by stores or activity’ which we discussed but we question:
‘What is’ the perception of the service by the customer?.

Open a shop with success: visibility ‘in the middle of the competition
Creating a real community

The oil from the mill of our young friends (first part): it was not the oil from the supermarket: an unknown bottle of extra virgin olive oil in the midst of many other bottles;

products Silvia (the herbalist first part) might find them even on the internet and sometimes spend a bit less but ….. do you want to put the possibility ‘of a product assurance, advice during administration, especially an adviser friend who listens to you when you do not know who to turn to your problems, a person who often confide your fears, your doubts and arguments that sometimes your companion, judge ‘frivolous’ and many times, even to talk about Internet of your questions, would this ‘half’, ‘too cold’ and ‘detached’ and then compared to a dialogue with strangers, preferring the direct relationship with a person.

So no one goes to a greengrocer, a herbal shop or in a place where they produce oil, but in reality ‘goes to’ taste ‘sensation, goes to take a few moments’ solidarity’, for ‘socialization’, often ‘reassurance’ that in a forum on the Web, including nick name, avatar and often ‘strange advisers’ sometimes a bit’ too controversial, do not always find that ‘buzz’ that ‘security’ that offers an ‘old’ but still ‘nice’ chat with someone you trust.

So not only create a shop but actually ‘build’ a place, a community ‘of customers …… that goes beyond’ the primary function of the same shopkeeper and ‘to the store.

Even John, the estate agent of the first episode, is not ‘only the seller of homes that probably will meet difficulties’ if you put in direct confrontation with some of its competitors on the Web, better organized and with more resources, visibility’ and real estate offers by propose (sometimes).
John is the man of confidence for many small and medium homeowners and that controls, monitors, their’ hard-earned assets ‘, collects rents, advised if there’ a bargain about, in short … not ‘just a seller of homes.

Open successfully, despite the competition from the Internet: The future of small shops

We spent several exits on how to earn on the Internet and thanks to the Net
It ‘also true that millions of people’ surf degree, but love the’ human touch ‘.

We have seen a ‘Matrimonial Agency , of which we never talked that besides being present with its small site (..’ because ‘the internet there must be, there are all ..’ said the lady owner) has managed happened countless meetings, drawing on the trust of its customers who then satisfied other customers have sent more.

‘Indeed, to conclude a good match, it means at least have a new customer a few months, sent by the couple who have’ married ‘.
Loneliness is very present and be able to give answers, is primary in this area, where the soul searching knows no age limits’ and social status.’

We confirmed our double agent.

Word of mouth as a means of promotion, is always present and in many facets is the marketing channel that provides more results.

Taditional activities’ revenge on the Web

People looking for a human relationship.

To have a personal advice, reassurance, offer greater relief that many PDF files downloaded from the Net

And if people are no longer ‘so young and in many cases only : the function of many small businesses’, also presents itself as a garrison district, for many buyers.

Sure, every reality of which we have spoken, are within their local context social and you can not ‘take any instance in absolute terms but certainly by these small businesses can take many factors to be used everyday of many companies.

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