Becoming entrepreneur : how to start

February 24, 2010 | Personal training

Every week, we present several ideas and plans to open a company .

As one old martial arts master said : ‘the technique is nothing if you do not understand the meaning of what you’re doing ‘.

Before opening an activity , you must understand the area where you’re going to invest and plan your idea that for the next few years, will commit your life as well as your investments.

Start up an activity : what activity to choose? The factors that determine the choices:

The important factors that usually determine the choice of a sector of business over another, are several:

Budget for the investment.

Knowledge of the sector.

Profitability ‘alleged or (often declared from those ‘who sell the idea ‘).

Sector that at this time ‘is in fashion’ or is considered innovative.

Field of activity ‘that lends itself well (or at least it seems) for the area(territory) in which we intend to open our business.

To these must be added a range of environmental and personal situations that influence us:

The presence of a partner and then his choices and his decisions.

Pressure from family members or friends.

The environment of origin (both professional and cultural), is certainly one aspect that determines our choices.

Our training and skills acquired.

Our ability ‘to be able to’ manage informations or the pressures around us.

External subjects that influence (in determining our choices):

The relatives (mother, wife, father etc.)..

Friends (.. Mario, my friend advised me ..).

And various professionals (accountant, an official of the association, the bank manager etc..).

The media (Internet, television, newspapers, etc..).

Ourselves: we must to make the right choices, without having to prove anything to ourselves (our personality sometimes appears as the main element hostile).

We have collected this short list of factors that influence our choice of entrepreneur, to understand that at the basis for many of the decisions of many small and medium entrepreneurs (and even many of their errors), there is a range of actors and elements that influence our choices, some of which can lead to wrong advice that interesting tips to our success.

Open a Business: where to start

Remembering the words of the old martial arts master who invited the young man to look beyond the break of the table with a fist or the jump in the air of the good athlete, it is need to look to the company as a set of elements that harmoniously are assembled and form a single subject that can arise in all its ‘strength’.

Then you need to look at these components:

The ability to produce wealth of the project (income for the entrepreneur).

The firm must be handled by our entrepreneur consistently good in its developmental stage.

Therefore, you must have the skills to manage this business project.

A profession ( doing the entrepreneur) that must be lived with ‘pleasure’ and satisfaction.

You can not think of engaging in areas of activity inconsistent with your values and our expectations.

Because you will pay in any case this error, this weakness.

Then choose a sector that gives us satisfaction!

A business (a project) that can adapt to the territory where it will go to work.

Too many projects, are started without to analize if they can find a place in the areas where they are put . Not all areas are able to ‘absorb’ such projects.

And above all, the possibility ‘/ ability’ to choose / decide independently, without pressure from environmental, cultural and more.


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