Open a nightclub or a lap dance.

March 8, 2010 | Doing business

In recent years, have opened hundreds of local lap dance on Italian territory.

There have always been night clubs and this innovative formula (lap dance) from America, has been a tremendous success with the public.

Open a lap dance: what kind of activities is?

Is ‘to all intents and purposes, a nightclub specializing in performances streap tease, where dancers and strippers in rotation, performing in shows.

Open a lap dance: What is the difference ‘between a lap dance and a traditional night club, from a legal standpoint?

From the regulatory point of view, does not change much:

To start, you must have administrative permissions (Administrative Office of the City Police , where he engaged in the business’) and above, have an important authorization: the agibility which is released following the visit of the’ commission of Supervision on public entertainment ‘, after an inspection.

Of course, the SIAE will be ‘a fixed referent, because it must fill every night the documentation regarding the music played.

Open a lap dance: What is the difference ‘between a lap dance and a traditional night club, from a functional standpoint?

The night club and ‘a place where we dialogue with friends and entreneurs (defined technically ‘figure in the room’) and where it can look shows with music and dancing throughout the evening.

The local lap dance, is less static, ie the stage, is continuously occupied by dancers who dance around a pole and do shows.

Open a lap dance: What is the difference between a lap dance and a traditional night club in terms of service?

The night club, the drinks are its main source of revenue.

Therefore, the objective of local is to enable its customers to drink and to facilitate this, a large group of girls (such entreneurs), accompany the drinks of the customers with many discussions.

A second source of income for some night clubs, is definitely a sort of fee for the delay . The client pays when going to dinner with a entreneur during working days. He must pay these few hours (often two or three) for the absence from work of the entreneur .

The lap dance , in addition to drinks, tend to offer personalized entertainment (streap tease) during the period of the evening for their clients, for which they charge fees based on time.

These shows are called ‘privee’.

Open a lap dance: What is the difference ‘between a lap dance and a traditional night club, from the point of view of customers.

The clientele of a lap dance and is more young respect to a traditional night club

Indeed, one of the main sources of revenue for local lapdance, and ‘data from the’ stag ‘.

Dozens of friends, have been meeting for the stag party and often dine (if the local have a restaurant) within the lap dance.

Clients of a night club, are generally more mature and are men, ‘usually just’ who want to spend some time to drink with an entreneurs.

Open a lap dance: strengths and weaknesses.

It is true that opening a lap dance, is not the usual thing to open a store of fruit and vegetables, for several reasons:


* It is need to obtain many permissions to open

* Employees are in many cases foreign and so it is need to receive authorization to work.

* Manage situations ‘often to the point’ are not well regulated by law.

* Manage clients that at a certain time of night, may also have drunk a bit ‘too much;

* Relations with the ‘neighbors’. Undoubtedly, a bustle of cars during the night if the space is not ‘located in a suburban area, compared to residential areas, could create some discomfort.

* Reports of ‘neighborhood’ with Institutions.


* It is undoubtedly a ‘type of local that it is well added into the habits of consumers;

* Attracts customers regardless of all social strata, age and personal situations;

* Often, offers restaurant services for dinners, and in particular: bachelor parties, therefore, is able to have more ‘sources of revenue.

Open a lap dance: which formula to use to open?

Basically there are two types of formulas taken:

The company ‘(generally srl) and that is used by most clubs and the Associations which allows entry only to cardholders.

Latter case, is adopted by most local small but it put a restriction on the number of potential customers because many customers do not wish to be members in registers.

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