Open a company on line: what are the mistakes to avoid. Second Part

March 14, 2010 | Finestra sulla Rete

Let us start from the basis of any asset : defining who are our customers and above all the product we sell.

During the boom of the openings of small boutiques, run mostly by women traders in the eighties, the desire to open their own business business was remarkable and very often these innumerable entrepreneurial experience were ended after a short time, with the closure of the activities.

The close of business business shortly after opening: What happened?

The most of the stores were opened under the pressure of the enthusiasm and the desire to put to the test their competence and becoming independent.

Admittedly, this is an important reason which must always be the basis of any new initiatives but: is need to compliance with market rules.

Set up a company must also be the result of a real assessment of the possible market for our company.

So, if to base the success of our project there is only on a healthy enthusiasm and blind optimism, can be a gamble.

Open a shop on line: the rules to follow

Even in the opening of an activity on the Internet, we must take into account the parameters considered in the previous paragraph.

Too often, we prefer to pretend that it is enough to open a site: nice graphics … a nice name .. and then as in the case of our friends traders expect that many people come on our website to buy or browse, just because we have wanted to believe it was so ‘.

Our dealers, had deliberately ignored to analyze the behavior of consumers in their neighborhood or in their country.

Because if they had asked or only observed where people (potential customers) usually they are buying , maybe they would not open or otherwise would have better identified their niche.

Instead, they preferred to ignore it all.

Earning on the Internet using your common sense.

As our dear friends, many aspiring entrepreneurs on the Web, avoid asking important reflections on:

* Reference market

Competitors *

* The product and service to sell

* Real cost (in all senses) of the initiative.

So many times, after the first few months, many initiatives are abandoned and drifting.

Open a website to earn : what to do before you leave.

* First: Define what we want to do and what could be done (what are the open spaces? What is missing ?…)

* Evaluate good the presence of competitors: how they are structured and above their approach.

* Once you have defined your niche, start to think realistically your activity of entrepreneur.

Open a site to earn money: other things to remember.

* As we have already pointed out in the past, is good to choose an area that we wanted or at least compatible with our attitudes / desires.

* Define our availability : that is, how long, how much money, how much patience .., we need to can see the birth to our project.

Open a site to earn: some objections that many people might do.

Many would argue that actually the most big companies in the Internet, are born in an often rough in the garage and not with the supporto of market research and business plan.


Because many Web companies, in reality, have professionals shoulders with experience (despite their appearance friendly), consultants and venture capital, of course, able to follow and to offer advice when it is needed.

Then, they are often taken as an example, only those companies (a number much lower than the total) who were born and grew up only with the enthusiasm of their founders.

Furthermore, we are talking about situations temporal and spatial (USA and China) in which was possible to find donors and market’s space for many projects interesting, although improvised.

Unfortunately, not can be repeated everywhere and at any time, always the same old formula.

Open a site to earn: defining the timing and modalities of operativity.

An error which we have already spoken, committed by start-up entrepreneurs on the Web, is no doubt that it does not plan a schedule of action.

In fact , too often we tend to live the day.

Recall that the Business Plan is a dynamic tool which helps to ensure our goals and be constantly updated and in the initial stage and in the development of our company.

If you do not define the objectives : costs, strategies related to the timing, you risk being at the mercy of circumstances and chance.

Even if the cases are not positive, if you have already planned a strategy, the project can be analyzed and repositioned the light of what is that happened.

So: knowing how to use any information, analyze results and above all manage any change in course, reproposing your path, your objectives, in base to the resources to be used.

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