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March 9, 2010 | Doing business


Doing a teacher today may become a business. In the negative and positive way. We start from the first meaning, to get a clear picture of the profession, in the present scenario.

The alarm for precarious teaching was launched from many years.

The recent reform of the minister Gelmini, has exacerbated the protests of the class and street demonstrations. But underlying the choice of governments, past, present and future (no matter here to understand who is wrong or right) there is one great need, the rationalizing expenditure.

When rationalizing it could result in job losses, it also encroaches into the drama and in the anguish for the future.


The teaching in Italy has become almost impossible, as well as a dream for ever to fade. But the opening sentence of our story said that being the teaching may become a business, not only negative but also positive. The negative we have analyzed, now try to analyze the positive impact of our words to introduce the first part of a picture story in installments that will guide you in starting a business, a firm, a company that you can afford to do the job you have always dreamed of.

The national economic picture is clear: in the next few years will not be easy to find the job you want, in any industry, especially in the most popular. And also the teaching, we believe, will be one of them. However, this does not mean that you have to leave your dreams, if the fire is burning in your hearts and teaching do not know how to turn it off, it means that you are just born to do “masters.”


Do it by the creation of your own private school, your platform for teaching.

Whether it’s an institution in flesh and blood, or a program of e-learning that could be achieved through distance learning courses, how to be a teacher in the form of activity organized as a company, are different and adapted to all requirements.

In that regard, I want to point out, the idea of “provocative” launched during a comment to the blog dedicated to the precariousness in school, cared for by the national network of school precarious.

In this comment it is assumed the teacher of the future, which could be accessible to students directly from home, through channels on television, achievable with digital decoder.

Each channel can broadcast lessons on various routes of education, for example : Media 1 for first grade, Media 2 for second and so on, until the last grade of compulsory education.

The channels would be financed through advertising or accessed by students via prepaid card. The comment at the end, closes by writing that, given the current attitudes, fears that such a model can be realized. The comment is reported in this link: https: / /

The school should be improved and it can certainly not forget the educational model that is realized in a real class of students supervised by a teacher in flesh and blood.

Create a company that provides distance learning courses on various disciplines, can be useful not only for teachers who can exploit the contributions of female entrepreneurship, which we discussed in previous reports on the creation of enterprises in pink in other sectors, but also when teachers are male. The idea of a television channel dedicated to teaching, can be interesting, not only for school, but for many advanced courses for young and adults.


A first step in creating an enterprise in education is precisely to open a private school.

The private school is not entitled to state aid because it is financed by fees of students. Can be of two types: private schools equalized and private schools does not equalized.

The first school, release diplomas that have legal value, ie the same value of documents obtained in public schools and its frequency fulfills the requirement of school education as does the frequency of a public institution.

This role is achieved through the recognition of equal educational attributed by decision of the school responsable for the regional territory.

To ask for the recognition of equal education in a private institution, it must be filed, addressed to the Director General of Direction of Sector school in the region they belong to. A specimen of the application and the legislation, it can be found at this link: E2% 80% 99-education /.

This article is only a preface to the report that goes in the next exit where we will try to better understand this sector.

Rosalba Mancuso

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