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March 5, 2010 | Redazionale

We return to speak about of business online.

In the web, are increasing all the articles and discussions on how to do business online.

In the past, we have spent much time and alot of space to this subject.


Last week, we talked about this topic to bring our contribution to a debate which in our opinion.

Often forget that the Web, while having its own rules is still tied to market forces and when a person wants to develop its business, it must follow those rules, whatever the sector of activity in which it operates (both online and in traditional segments).

The development of the Internet has allowed many start-up to achieve success and money, thanks to innovative ideas that have been able to fill many empty spaces and to reply to the needs of the users and the market.

Obviously, this ‘was possible, following rules and procedures technical demands from the Web

But the success of these initiatives ‘was possible because the supply of these new services ‘was a response to requests or needs’ unexpressed by consumers and corporations.

Making money online: what activity open?

So, when we intend to set up a business on line, it is worth considering the two famous questions: what to sell? (the product) and above all, to whom I sell? (the market).

The space for initiatives on line, is still huge, but it need to start to be less improvised and it is not just sufficient to create a nice website, to put some links and advertising and of course do some actions on research engine to have a lot of visits and success.

March 8 and female entrepreneurship

I take this opportunity to thank the many women readers who following our daily contents in affaripropri.com, to find ideas and informations for their projects.

In fact, are increasing visits and contacts from women on our site and not only in numbers but also for the type of searches and also to the increasingly better use of Web technologies in the development of their draft business.

Good job

Andrea Figoli

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