Become entrepreneurs: the persistence and determination. First part

March 3, 2010 | Personal training

Michelle, a my friend, a workaholic in the gym, he tells me that soon after August (already in early September) and also in early January(in the first days of the year), is always repeated the usual ritual, the gyms are full of’ aspiring athletes with a sense of guilt ‘(to have eaten so much and then after looking in the mirror …. they run to do penance).

Our protagonists, have good intentions at the end of the year (after having eaten for five people) and after August, after suffering for weeks, the ‘proof costume’ on beaches and the comparison with other people.

Thus, these subjects are among the first to ‘run to the gym’ to become a beautiful pin-up

Obviously, almost all our aspiring champions, after first few days of commitment and effort, they ‘leave the battlefield’ with the returning to the eat and to the old life as before and worst.

Become entrepreneurs :change your life but also you must to know of having to pay the price for the change.

Even among those who aspire: to be entrepreneurs, to improve their lives, to give meaning to their existence, but more especially to do something more ‘interesting and satisfying, the path of the persons in most cases is ,’ such as ‘our champions’ of the gym :

good intentions, a few days of engagement and then ….. everything back as before.

Changing lives: having a plan and follow it.

I noticed that the visits to site, reach some peaks, in those days when there is the ‘return’ of the persons to their ordinary life and they want to ‘change their life’.

In those days, the visits are higher, sometimes by almost 20%, compared to other days during the year.

Normally, this should be the other (being still many persons partially in holiday), the visits during those periods of return from holiday , should be definitely lower than the rest of the year.

In fact, checking some search keywords, the flow of visitors and emails received, it appears that the search for a new ‘life’ or at least attempting to change their situation, are for many people, in these periods: between September and the beginning of January, the moments of more intense motivation.

So, in those two weeks of good intentions, many are those who make the decision to move from dream to the action to begin a new life.

Dreaming is not enough and not only to have some good intentions.

To change our condition is necessary, as in many things, to have a plan and a method.

Changing lives: we must to write our goals and make a plan with the timing of our actions.

In the base of our actions it must be always : the motivation.

So if we want to change our lives and to raise to another condition, we must understand exactly what we want and above all, understand : the price to pay.

Our commitments to achieve the goal should be quantified that are the price to pay (example: two years in the gym three days a week and a balanced diet, for the aspiring pin-up).

For the aspiring entrepreneur or otherwise for the person who decided to change its current state, must define what needs to be done, how long and especially the resources (in every sense) that should be used, to achieve our result.

In the next installment, we will face some specific cases to understand, through examples, how to set a real plan to change our lives for the better .

Andrea Figoli

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