Open a laundry. First Part.

April 15, 2010 | Doing business

In this latest report dedicated to the creation of enterprise, we want to talk about a field which lies between tradition and modernity, but can reserve excellent revenue opportunities, without having obtained special endorsements:the laundry.

Means the laundry, the room for washing clothes and fabrics, its business is the one who offers this service to the public by providing premises and equipment necessary to run it.


The laundry business is often combined with that of dyeing and bureaucratic procedure need to start the work is similar, then there are also those who decided to diversify by combining the laundry (which includes drying clothes) even the ironing. The activity of laundry also includes different types of services.

There are laundry and dry water, with service or self service, those green, American imported, industrial, each of these (though similar in spirit and nature of) follow procedures and use tools, different.

But let’s degrees. From the starting of a traditional laundry also classified as dry cleaners and stain removers.

May carry out the service by washing with water or dry.

The laundry iron all dresses, dye all clothes that are discolored and removes stains with special detergents and solvents those clothes suffering from otherwise indelible stains.

Customers going to the laundry, they leave to the staff the laundry their clothes and fix, withdrawing it in days and hours set. This is the most traditional form of laundry shop that has spread further after years of economic boom and women’s empowerment.

The market for a laundry is well spread throughout the country, local small, medium and large carry the laundry service in each municipality, large or small, even in centers with little more than 10 thousand inhabitants.

We use the laundromat to wash bulky items like duvets and blankets in winter, but also ceremonial costumes that require remove stains but also for washing other clothes, the sweater, the shirt.

Choose the laundry service : a housewife who can not fill of bulky the washing machine, the student who lives alone, but also the young couple where both spouses work and have no time to operate the washing machine or do not have the money to buy it.

Go to the laundry, also the passing tourist, a soldier of the armed forces, immigrants who may not buy a washing machine, but also the family of high social class accustomed to spend and to delegate to other chores.


This is the potential customer base for a laundry. To start we must consider the area where born, the customs and habits of the population but also the number of residents. Better to think of areas where these companies are scarce, or areas with a high catchment area, perhaps more than 40 -50 thousand inhabitants, then we must prefer routes with ample space for parking, served by universities, hotels and a good tourist influx.

Starting a laundry in a small town, where it already exists another laundry room, is an idea unwise and doomed to failure, it would be too low the number of potential customers for to return the investment and to obtain a income.

The laundry room is a traditional activity that traditionally has happened, when it is the first born and has no not competitors.

To open a laundry in 2010 need to diversify and invent something new, additional services, which they will rise to certain investment initial, but that will allow to work with speed and satisfaction in a reasonably short period of time.

For example you can offer the service of withdrawal of linen, especially the bulky, home, or sewing clothes.

The ideas are an excellent form of marketing and a cheap way to build customer loyalty. To become a laundromat owners you do not need special training, if not entrepreneurial talent and excellent knowledge in the technical field (for the operation of washing and drying machines) to work with chemical and environmental safety and the environment when using solvents and detergents.

Some courses for those already holding laundry, were funded by public institutions and organized by the Chambers of Commerce. The update of the owner and staff of the laundry room can also get the stamp of quality as it did in Ancona. These refresher courses are usually organized by professional associations where you can find more information about this activity. Continued …

Rosalba Mancuso

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