Open a business: the rules to follow.

April 12, 2010 | Redazionale

Happy Mondays’,

Become entrepreneurs: follow a method.

Also this week, we continue our study about the opening of a business, in particular we try to define the concept of niche and its value in terms of: market opportunities, making some type examples.

In fact, when addressing the opening of any business, you must follow a careful analysis, avoiding many emotional pressures that are sometimes the root cause of our mistakes.

As in any discipline, be it sports, philosophical, artistic, etc.. There are rules that come from experience, observation and continuous evolution of markets and the economy.

So if to be successful in many disciplines, for example in sport, you follow the rules and a method, also for the business world, there are rules / formulas to be taken into account.

Carefully abiding by these rules, it is not said with certainty that we will get great results but certainly we avoid making gross errors, from which then is much more difficult to get out., with the aim of offering more and more support to the new entrepreneurs and those who are looking for ideas and opportunities, is preparing a training service and support innovative that in coming months will be made operational. become a consultant or financial adviser.

Last week, we started the report devoted to professional advisors and financial credit.

Each month, the escapes of some consultants or promoters, with customers’ money, appear on television, newspapers and others media.

Unfortunately, lots of improvisation and little scrutiny by those who had the duty to make, have created damages in recent years and have cracked many times, the confidence of many investors.

Therefore we want to present the professional world of credit and finance, so those who wish to evaluate this opportunity, they can do it with all the tools and the necessary preparation.

Good job

Andrea Figoli

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