Become entrepreneurs: the persistence and determination. Second part

April 1, 2010 | Personal training

Welcome back in the second section on how to plan some major changes in our lifetime.

We have observed in the last episode, like good intentions, they end often already after the first day of commitment and sacrifices then they go back on the life of every day, maybe a bit more disappointed and frustrated than before .

This, because we have treated (somatized) a defeat (yet another failed attempt to change).

Today, we talk about: leave everything !: changing place to live and work.

An extreme change that is often experienced as a dream and only in some cases it tends to give it a real full meaning.

Changing lives: run away! Open our business abroad!

It is the dream of many and certainly the stories (sometimes exaggerated) of someone who has escaped and he succeeded to rebuild his live, often lead us to dream and to search in an escape (at first only with the thought), the solution of our problems or at least just trying to get away from our everyday thoughts and insecurities that haunt us all the time.

Thinking of going abroad or otherwise out from our environment and rebuild a new life, including the opening of an activity trade on the spot, is a dream that many people have more or less secretly.

Running away: opening the bar on tropical beach

That, is surely the postcard view that many people have about of a change in their lives.

Let us now really, what are the reasons for a sudden change in our lives and how to set the stage for this step.

Open a business: the reasons and steps to take.

We let’s not go into specific reasons (and personal) that lead people to a certain point in their lives, to seek new opportunities elsewhere but let us understand what are the actions to be implemented and what are the critical elements’ in these choices.

Open a business: the most errors committed

The first error, is definitely to want to confuse a moment of serenity and holiday that we are living in a place far from our home, with the illusion that this is necessarily a place to live and able to automatically offer opportunity of business.

The second error lies in the superficiality with which analyzes the environmental situation.

Often, as in other situations, we prefer to see things from tourists and not as careful entrepreneurs and so we do not take into account about of many aspects:

culture and traditions

laws that are not always consistent nor easy to interpret;

to believe that the low cost of labor and services in general, can justify investments and opportunities ‘, forgetting that our rhythm of work, not’ the same that all countries of the world;

forget that for us, the work has meaning and a space precise, in our scale of values and in many cultures, it occupies a different space and instead other elements / values, which we attribute (based on our culture) a marginal importance, in that place, where we want start to live and to invest, they fill key positions;

communicate: if we want actually succeed in bringing forward new initiatives , we must know well the habits, culture and the local language.

(That is one aspect that many underestimate and think they make good with the help of a translator or a little more) and then, we risk living in place, remaining factual strangers.

These are some considerations to start thinking about start a business in another country and move to live.

In the coming episodes, we will speak about those aspects that are involved in a opening a new business abroad, according also to the experiences we have received from many entrepreneurs, trying to communicate what are the mistakes more common to avoid.

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