When the crisis is not just about of business! First part.

April 29, 2010 | Personal training

In our articles, we have more often spoken of corporate crisis, where and how to find ideas, how to find their niche, how to diversify, how to manage the relationship with partners, etc. ..

We also brought examples of how ideas are born and grow and how to resume certain critical situations.

Improve themselves: when the economic crisis and business crisis become personal.

Unfortunately, many times, as many economists point out: the company crisis goes to the social sfera and often the same people, the protagonists of these crises, remain involved with their lives.

Many entrepreneurs and professionals in times of crisis, not just complain about a drop in turnover and jobs, but also a lowering of their quality of life.

Stress and difficulties, often are cause further problems and tensions that are in additions to existing ones.

Overcoming stress and tension: what to do?

Again, I borrow the experiences of some entrepreneurs and consultants, with which, in the past I have had some discussions on this issue.

Mr. Franco, a fifty five years, self-employed successfully for over 30 years, one day at lunch he confess me that when resemble his three, four worst moments of his private and business life: he managed to escape unscathed and strengthened by adopting some behavioral rules that over time became for him a formula established for crisis management: small or large they reach our lifetimes.

Other persons, with whom I had occasion to discuss these issues, they added something more but overall, their comments are similar to those already reported by our friend entrepreneur.

Today, we list these pills of wisdom, hoping are interesting.

Management tools for the personal crisis

Be able , always (in any situation) to stay shiny and with a constructive and optimistic attitude.

Always think: everything goes!

One of the mistakes made many times, is to begin to observe and address the events, with fear and panic.

The serenity (or with an attitude not always of apprehensive and scared), allow one to develop thinking and creative solutions but also to see among the many difficulties, (sometimes few but decisive) opportunities and ways out of critical situations.

When you lose hope, you fall at the mercy of nowhere and becomes difficult to plan an ‘exit from certain situations!

Continue to live and act as if all problems were just passing through, and then as if they represented only a temporary problem with our life.

Be able to find time and space to themselves.

Just when everything seems more difficult and sometimes we even reach moments of panic, is even more important to find some moments of calm and serenity, to find external spaces that allow us to recharge and see things from a different perspective.

Therefore, in situations of depression, it becomes essential, to leave our monothematic vision that can becomes an obsession with time and crushes us more and more in our fears.

Exit from the strings!

Appointment to the next

Andrea Figoli

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