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May 31, 2010 | Redazionale

Happy Monday

Let’s go back to speak about the research of our business and about the best choice for business of niche.

A few days ago, I was talking to a young accountant who brought me some concrete examples of new entrepreneurs who had successfully launched in micro and small innovative companies, some of them on the Web.

To become entrepreneur: the search for the sector more profitable.

Several times in the past, we said that in absolute terms that there are not areas that are always profitable sectors and others that are instead completely irrelevant.

In fact, within each sector, there are small or micro niches yet to be explored or still to be exploited.

Ideas to open a business: to exploit small spaces.

Also during our chat, the young accountant brought me at least 5 examples of success stories that will certainly not find space in newspapers or elsewhere.

The real success story is one that allows an individual to create their own space, their own identity through the realization of its idea, its intuition.

Success Stories: to create small business winning

Many of these stories will never find a single line in any book or magazine, but represent the human realization of many individuals who, with their enthusiasm and sometimes with their ‘ little madness ‘, they conceived and launched ideas that have covered need actual that other (often better organized and prepared), they did not understand or were not able to satisfy.

So fortunately there will always be examples of success that starting from some ideas born almost by accident but supported by a serious work and a constant effort, allow the creation of small businesses but large in their success.

Therefore we invite anyone to look around to looking for your opportunity: perhaps it is still just an idea to be explored or a project that just needs some testing.

We can speak of successful companies and entrepreneurs brave even when we are in the presence of small projects (small if we considered only if the total turnover in absolute terms or the size of the structure of the new company) but these are in reality :important projects for their result in relation with the context in which they developed and with the value that they led to their founders.

Good work

Andrea Figoli

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