Open an atelier. First part.

June 29, 2010 | Doing business

Are you whimsical, creative and dream to start your little company? Then this is the report for you, as we are to speak and tell how you can open an atelier of moda. Literally, with this expression, means a tailoring shop linked to the creation and sale of clothes. But the opening of the store itself is just the tip of the iceberg of a career and business that provides a training and self-sacrifice, but also talent and passion. An atelier of moda, is set up as craft (couture creations) and distribution and sale of garments.


Within an atelier, you can make garments of all kinds, from high fashion, sportswear, the sizes comfortable. The secret to have succesful in this activity is to able to identify the most popular segment tailoring, making a prior analysis of market and competition. You always hear about of “Made in Italy”, a brand that attracts reliability and quality, but over the years because of the crisis of consumption and the competition and counterfeiting East, showed a decline or even collapse . Nevertheless, the couture industry has managed to withstand the blow, especially with regard to high fashion and luxury accessories, but 80% of turnover comes from exports.


For a small businessman who decides to launch in the opening of a studio of atelier, think so great, can appear a bit ‘risky, but it is said that with time and the right amount of insight you can also to have success even abroad. After all today Through the network, the market has become global, with a simple website well indexed or sale on E-bay also a good tailor can succeed in placing his works abroad. The Asian market (especially China) was what made life hard Made in Italy, but paradoxically is also the most delicious products actually made in Italy. The orientals, love luxury and quality of Italian couture. Another market to consider is that the UAE, led by Dubai, where luxury is now in home. So a first idea of where to point to launch abroad, we have already given. A second would be to create a classic clothing store at outlet prices, with sales of clothing in a series of famous brands to gain a good number of clients that will also bring their own production.


The third idea is to create a studio that functions as a classic dressmaker’s workshop, where customers can deliver items no longer used and maybe throw it away, to create stylish and original models. This idea is called ecoatelier, a way to protect the environment and to prevent improper disposal of clothes in places not suitable. The fourth is to specialize in creating wedding dresses and formal wear, always admired and bought by the future wives, and offer them to high fashion shops for retail sale. A fifth is to specialize in creating tailor-made clothes and sizes that are not easily achieved in series production. A sixth and last idea (for now) is to create clothes for sale or rent or Carnival costumes for theatrical performances. The ideas described above can be combined within the same activity. Of all these, we would like to advise the more specialized, innovative and niche (eco workshops, fashion for the foreign market, custom sizes, dresses Carnival). If you succeed you succeed, you also will become a designer (fashion designer) who signs also handbags and accessories. Is the tailor that the designer must, in addition to talent, follow training courses, but before talking about educational curricula, we conclude with an analysis of competition, which allows a first overview of the areas where it is easier to find spaces market. On the Internet, the word atelier are about 1,600,000 results, it is mostly shops selling wedding dresses and formal wear (saturated area …?). The word creating couture, returns, however, just 223 000 results.They make wedding dresses and formal wear, but also other clothes, strictly tailored, offering a repair service or change clothes. The “products” are sold wholesale and retail. Changing the name to “tailoring workshop” jump out 102 000 results where there are shops like the previous ones, but also workshops producing sportswear and tailored costumes to be used for performances and events. For the latter product tipology, we also tried “costume workshop” returns about 112,000 results, where clothes are sold and rented even Carnival. Continued on next episode ….


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