Make Money with a Blog: The future of small blogs

June 15, 2010 | Finestra sulla Rete


I take a discussed topic very much on the Web and also on traditional media.

Earning from a blog: which is a credible business model, namely:

how to make money with a blog and succeed in the future and to carve out a space of visibility

The increased supply of news on the Web and information of any kind, raises a number of points:

It’s always more difficult to get visibility or at least a visibility and a continued presence.

Advertising, say the research, is growing on the Web, but in future will be directed more and more toward those containers that they will ensure continuity over time and a presence in time.


Are and will be increasingly favored in the future, those containers, those blogs or platforms (to use other words or to extended to other concepts, thinking also to an evolution of the old blog to new realities) that will offer always innovative contents and also to able to adapt them on the mutations in place.

This does not mean that there will be space for micro bloggers in the future;

simply it will accelerate the pace of the players and who fails to take this step, as happened in the past to the pioneers of the Net (the old small providers!), with the arrival of big companies in the market for connectivity, will be back initially and then, who fail to really carve a niche ‘defensible’, will be condemned to a slow but progressive marginalization.

Earn from a blog: to be able to carve out a space of visibility.

This is the critical element that already some small bloggers (some of which are known), but now even so limited, increasingly in the future, they will face in an ever more heated.

The structuration and the increasing professionalization of many sites, will allow these more organized, to occupy spaces of increasing visibility at the expense of others (especially smaller ones!) and to have more and better attention from the advertisers than many micro bloggers.

Good job

Andrea Figoli

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