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July 25, 2010 | Redazionale

Happy Monday

I retake an argument, even after an email that arrived two weeks ago.

Basically, a reader asked us:

what type of activity is more profitable in a suburb of a medium-small city.

If we look at the activities that they have occurred in a given street or neighborhood in the last 30 years and over (and of course would be appropriate to consider other areas to see if there is a match), we can understand what type of company better resist major changes and to the developments in the trade and also, which are the new businesses opened?.

Open a shop, what can i open?

Without using the statistical data, we can see, even compared to ten to fifteen years ago,

an increase of:

fast food and ethnic restaurants

centers for international calls, services of delivery/sending money

(These two sectors have strong growth as a result of the growing presence of foreign nationals, residing in particular in the suburbs.

What can it open?

Instead, others, they have been reduced:

Sub agency insurance offices

(cause :competition of the Internet and increased ‘mobility’ of customers)

shops and intimate apparel

(cause : competition from shopping centers, outlets etc.).

shoemakers and certain services of niche

(Even for the shoes, always prevail more disposable products)

stationery neighborhood

(competition of big distribution)

video stores and music stores

(Internet competition and different methods of distribution and consumption)

small haberdasheries

many others, but for lack of space and time we do not indicate

Open a shop: the activities that are in positive

Have held up well and in some cases even have developed:

Pizzerias of any kind

(Especially with home delivery)




self-service laundries

These are just some of the activities that can be reported.

In reality, each situation, must be observed and analyzed for the context in which it resides.

If for example, we take into account the small computer store, we could certainly say that in most cases, small retailers are in crisis for several years and others, taking advantage of the lowest costs in the suburbs, have chosen to settle (as other activities) in the suburbs, more like the logistic and technical point than of selling their products in that area.

Given the breadth of the subject, back to the subject in the future.

Good job

Andrea Figoli

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