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July 14, 2010 | Doing business

More information to start a tailoring or to know the dates of refresher courses, can be found on the site of main associations. Fashion and tailoring, are creative activities and manuals, then craft. The main trade associations are the National Association of Tailors, attached Confartigianato, AGS, Association of Young Tailors, Asim, Interregional Association Sartoriale Mediterranean. And for designers, the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, which refers to major brands and names of the Made in Italy.

The contact with these associations, can also allow to know about any internship opportunities offered by member companies. After trained, you can really think to realize the dream of life, or open a tailoring workshop themselves.

Opening a atelier: the opening of his own tailoring workshop

Whether it’s store where sell their clothes, a wholesale, a laboratory cutting and sewing, the bureaucratic steps to start the activities are almost similar. After open the vat (free), you sign to the Register of Enterprises of the Chamber of Commerce. The activity is considered tailoring craftsmanship, so you must also register to the craft enterprises, always kept by the Chamber of Commerce. If you sell wholesale, you must also submit to the Chamber of Commerce, a model declaration for wholesale. Many people, especially early, creating their own tailoring workshop at home, sewing clothes at the request of customers.

Open an atelier: the equipments

But the craft can not be done from home, or at least in a private apartment. The room in question, must have the intended use for trade or craft. You do not need to start of large spaces, enough even 30 to 40 square meters and at least 5 000 euros (if you work in your real estate property). The equipment needed for work are the fabrics and sewing machines of last generation. The prices of these devices are now quite affordable, not exceeding 600 euros. To begin you can be in two, the owner and an employee or member, with at least two sewing stations. The legal form of ranges from sole proprietorship, family-run company. Many Italian fashion houses, have a long family tradition, being transmitted by fathers (or mothers) to the sons.

Opening a workshop: where to find funding

The workshop tailored is one of those activities that can be initiated with state contributions, and therefore the legal forms suitable for obtaining financing and bank borrowings are a sole proprietor or partnership, as the s.n.c. The national agency Invitalia ex Sviluppo Italia, supports development projects and undertaking work on their own. A workshop tailored to fit individual company can be financed by a contribution of up to 25,823 euros.

The tailoring is not the ideal activity for a franchise, but may be the workshop in the strict sense, or the shop where they sell clothes and high fashion brands. The two can coincide peacefully. You can affiliate with a familiar brand to start a studio of wedding dresses and wedding, which they can be arranged and adapted to fit the customer in the shop inside the store. This, is the solution that allows to find customers immediately, because they are drawn from known brands and reputation. Between a dress and another, the owner of the atelier, may also make known its creations, offering, meanwhile, the service of creating original and exclusive tailor-made clothes.

For such a shop, the ideal size is about 100 square meters to match at least two windows. The ideal location is in the historic center, where there are streets populated by shops and premises suitable for shopping malls prestige. In this case, it is clear that the investment will be higher, but also the economic return from the activity, will be high. A good way to get known, is also to participate in major trade shows. One such example is the Fair : Moda in, held every year in Milan. Edition Autumn / Winter 2011-2012 will be held the next 8 to 10 September. To see all the exhibitions in the fashion and clothing, you can also visit the club PMI, which has a complete directory. For those who want to start initially from tailoring do not need to invest in textiles, because the fabrics to create a bespoke suit is generally supplied by the customer. The cost of a luxury suit, tailor, especially wedding or ceremony, is estimated from a minimum of 700 to a maximum of 2000 euros. The minimum gain of the first year to cover the investment and have a useful, must be at least 25 000 euros net, if you work alone. So for formal dress, the ideal number of customers in the first year will be between 15 and 20.

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