Start a pet shop: fourth part.

July 5, 2010 | Doing business

Welcome back to the continuation of report devoted to the launching of a pet shop. As anticipated at the end of last episode, to work as a pet shop owners, it is need, are not only a passion and enthusiasm, but also appropriate training. Whether to operate as sellers of accessories for pets is only need a good preparation for sale and to human relationships with customers, which will naturally be made up of pet owners;

to dedicate to the direct assistance and to the care of a pet shop, is need to understand how.


Not only for selling animals, food, dietary products, veterinary drugs and Pharmaceuticals, is essential a sound basic education, perhaps earning degrees and diplomas ad hoc, as in veterinary medicine, food and animal nutrition.

Private schools and public universities, offering a comprehensive package of courses to learn and master all the features of health, nutrition and welfare of our beloved animal friends.

A training, is also required, to offer pet sitting and grooming services. In the first we must learn to manage the relationship with the animal companion, in the second must know the techniques of cleaning and combing of it.

The “secrets” of these works, are learned through training courses organized by professional associations. Being a business sector that has to do with animals we can not forget the National Federation veterinary Italians, the Fnovi, which disseminates updates for the veterinary profession, legislation and all appropriate pharmacovigilance, and with whom also the owner of a pet shop must maintain contacts relating to the services it intends to perform or the product will sell. Who decides to also sell live animals, can begin to learn about how to contact the Federfauna, the European Confederation of Associations of farmers, traders and keepers of animals.

Within the site of this association, (just click on the text linked above), there is another list that shows the locations closest to your area of residence and other industry associations, including objective remind pet sitter, Opsi,, Ancad, National Association of Dealers Pets, Hip, National Association of Dealers Animals, Acpt, Cultural Association Profession Grooming The pet shop is above all a business that can offer and combine services. Keep updated about news and training in trade, so we recommend you also Ascom, the Association of Enterprise Trade and Tertiary institutions in Confcommercio.


To work with animals, you not only love them but also, you must know them. The Association MISASIA organizes educational tours ( about : zooantropologia related to environmental education and private tours and visits to learn about animals and the environment. The association OPSI, cited earlier (target pet sitter for instance), literally the National Association for the training and protection of the Pet Sitting, led by the company of this sector : Vip Abac, organizes this year a large schedule of courses training to become a pet sitter, or to specialize in following a very specific type of animal, only dogs and cats, for example. Typically this is a full immersion course, so you can subscribe to different types of courses, also open to students off-site that can be hosted in locations indicated on the site of the association.


To learn the techniques of grooming pet can, you can take courses and stages free of the Cultural Profession Grooming. To obtain the certificate of internship free, is need to register as members. The membership fee is about 60 euros. The services to be offered for animals are very many. Many companies (such as the Agency Vip Abac) have learned to expand services pet sitting, thinking about personal training, or customized programs for fitness and weight loss of the animal in cases where the overweight will endanger the physical health or appearance. These meetings shall be stated and followed by the veterinarian. That’s why it is very important to make contact with local veterinarians who make known their services.

They are, in fact, the main vehicles for the promoting a pet shop at this point we also define the pet center or a center that is dedicated to animals in all their aspects and their needs. Other innovative services include, for example the education or the advice dog at home to train the dog that also his family can to know how to manage. The courses offered to become dog lovers to become educators are offered from Apnec, the National Association of Professional Educators dogs. Continued on next episode with useful information on development activity.

Rosalba Mancuso

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