Changing life: when we pass from the dream to the action. First part.

July 6, 2010 | Personal training

Good intentions, are always present and never fail!

Then, in most cases, you stop there and they do not go beyond.

Remains, as always, an emptiness, some small sense of guilt for our indecision and .. just to appease our conscience, we invent some excuses, more or less valid to justify the umpteenth postponement, yet another defeat!

For every good intention, there is always one more excuse to not do!

Then, to many people suddenly, life present them the account! Often salty but it requires them to make choices. Those changes, that we have postponement it, they return in the form of decisions.

Changing life: follow your conscience!

We live from years an unsatisfactory life, a life that is the daughter of constant compromises, decisions always taken in half and actions postponed to a tomorrow that is not well defined.

Often, for the fear of displeasing this or that, we end up with a life that is not ours.

We ended up reciting a script of others: perhaps our parents or our teachers or of other groups that during our existence, gradually, we attended and for which we had be up to the role assigned from others, in order to be accepted and to have our space, our own credibility.

But time passes and then ..?

It ‘time to say enough!

It ‘time to go home; to our house!

Groundhog me : to start again with a new life and a plan.

Reached the stage of awareness, it’s time to talk and ask ourselves what do we make of our lives!

Yes, for the first time, ask us and without mediation, pressure or interference of others.

Already to be able to do question or at least open a serious dialogue and direct with ourselves, it is a first step.

Someone may think that such situations are a minority in numerical terms and also rares.

In fact, a good portion of the population, often people that are apparently successful, living a similar situation and they end up acting their part, as old actors who do not even remember who they are and what they really want from themself.

Arouse you, from this lethargy! Look around and do not you get distracted by background noise, begin you to live your life!

Changing life: start by yourself!

After starting a dialogue with ourselves, return you to speak with our conscience and you can begin to ask yourself what you really want and what you’d do great.

Appointment to the next episode.

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