What can i open? What will be the winning business in the future?

July 22, 2010 | Doing business

To try to understand which activities to undertake in the future, today we make an experiment.

Imagine living in 2030 and try to identify ourselves in those years to understand how certain consumption activities will be made by people, and what will be changed than the current situation.

To begin to evaluate it, think about what has changed in the last twenty years:

Growth in sales of products and services for seniors and singles.

Growth of selling of the technology (mobile phones, computers, etc…)
Increasing attention to leisure and personal care.

Increased travel and holidays, though ever shorter, and often, oriented to low cost.

Changing population characteristics: greater age, lesser presence of young people and increasingly a multiethnic and multicultural people.

Obligation for the majority of the population to devote more hours and years to their work (pensions that are moving more and forward).

These developments have occurred in some western countries in recent years.

Profitable ideas: What will be the winning business in the future?

Services to the third and fourth age:

Starting from the evidence that we have emphasized above, it is not difficult to imagine that the further aging of the population in Western countries, will lead to increased demand for services for this consumer group (pharmacies, assistance elderly and disabled persons, meeting places and recreation for the third and fourth age, organizing trips and vacations for these people, etc…)

Intermediaries in crisis?

As we emphasized in the past, the disintermediation is affecting new areas.

Internet is helping to quickly disintermediation in many fields: just think of the tourism and real estate. And this especially in the low end.

More and more people are organizing their own travel without intermediaries and also the sale / purchase of property, through some sites.

This is affecting the low-end market (real estate and tourism services to medium and low cost).

Certainly, this phenomenon will grow in future and the traditional operators need to focus more and more towards services and groups of consumers groups that can retain them also in the future; sectors, where an operator (broker) can, with his professionalism, still to be crucial.

Future businesses: the effect scissors on the range of products and services offered.

Another element that is becoming increasingly clear is the scissors effect on consumption gap.

We can see a tremendous growth of low cost products and services and the collapse of services and supplies in the medium segment while the achieve of an increase in services in the high-end products.

Surely, this is a phenomenon that will tend to emerge even more in the future.

So, in the develop of your business plan, you need to define well the segment in which we wish to operate.

Appointment in the future to further investigate the topic.

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