Open a private club. First part.

August 11, 2010 | Doing business

In this report dedicated to creating enterprise, we talk about a topic that fascinates many aspiring entrepreneurs. Always surrounded by an aura of mystery and transgression, the activities which we present, lends itself easily to misunderstanding and false attributions of services. We will try to disassemble during our discussion in installments. The business activities to be discussed is that of club privè, that is: the private club. For private club, it means a place with recreational facilities designed for entertainment, socializing and the meeting of those who qualify.


But the users of the private club, are not common customers, because this type of activity, is not open to the public, that is, not all can access in the club, but only those who signed the membership card. A private club, in fact, rather than as a business, is set up as a sort of non-profit association, where the main objective is to provide a socializing activities to members. In practice, however, for the variety of services offered, the size of the premises which allow access to an unlimited number of members, a private club, becomes a real business enterprise that, with the right skills and personal entrepreneurial may allow to derive an income. Inside the circle may be a bar, a restaurant, a night for entertainment and shows, a nightclub, except that instead of paying the ticket or the cost of service, the customer pays a monthly or annual card fee. The profit or income, will be given by the income from these subscriptions, but also by any additional services that may provide an additional payment.The profit will benefit the founders of the private club, that are, the real owners of the club. Such a circle can not be opened anywhere and not all services are suitable for a private club.


Meanwhile, because of its specific nature of association, the premises can not be located in areas with direct access to a road and can not display signs indicating the presence inside of the bars or restaurants. The size of these must, be substantial to accommodate different services and different types of entertainment. Better to find premises in reasonably good condition for reducing the costs of any restructuring costs. The combination of a service rather than another can mean the difference between success or failure of the activity. Many confuse the private members club with local prostitutes or to trade in pairs. The local for trade in pairs, they exist, but do not necessarily relate to the private club subject of our discussion, indeed, give the club a corner “hidden” to devote to transgressive practices, can also cause the failure of the activity, especially if you start small centers, where everybody knows everybody and where everybody would avoid frequenting such premises.A private club means much, much more. First is to study the catchment area, the number of potential partners, their habits, the services could find more evidence. In a center of small and medium-sized blow the private club will make more with a bar and restaurant, reading room and internet connection, or dance hall or club that organizes excursions for members. In a larger center can match the night, the entertainment area with lap dancing, disco, to combine with bars and restaurants. But the speech of the night, with entertainment figures (female and not only) during the dancing, is a service that requires considerable space and a location medium – large or even underground.


Meanwhile, as now is our custom, we try to analyze the market situation and competition to go, then other aspects of the start up of the business, as the bureaucratic and tax profile and that you anticipate that the rules provide some interesting tax advantages that make the private club sector, a very popular business for the aspiring business owners. We see it in numbers, as this activity is very popular. On the web, the “private club” returns over 800,000 results, while the corresponding entry “private club” 334 000 which, added to earlier, give more than a million results. Regarding the regional distribution, Lombardy has about 174 000 results, 172 000, Piedmont, Veneto almost 200 000, 156 000 Liguria; 157 000 Emilia Romagna, Friuli 158 000, 156 000, the Trentino; 144 000 Valle d’Aosta 153 000 Umbria, the Marches 558 000; 171 000 Lazio, Molise 139 000; 152 000 Abruzzo, Basilicata 143 000; 157 000 , Campania, Puglia, 156 000, 158 000 Calabria; 167 000 Sicily, Sardinia 155 000. Continued …

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