Open a private club. Second part.

August 23, 2010 | Doing business

We continue to talk about how to open a private club where we were stopped, that is, about market and the competition. As you can see, reading the first part, this field has the same national distribution. The activities of this type, anywhere they beyond exceed the 100 000 units. But this should not discourage you because the services to be offered through a private club are very large.


Often the private club is also referred as night clubs or night club, but with a little good will and creativity, you can do an activity that can also be linked to different daytime or initiatives throughout the day. Space, therefore, to cabaret, the screening of films, food, in short everything that can be an asset gathering and socializing for members. There is not a special training to become owners of a private club, but you just know the bureaucratic rules that might lead to this type of activity. Meanwhile, as we mentioned in the first part of the report, the private club is not considered a business, but as association and as such should not be for profit. If in the club you decide to combine the activities of feeding and drink, there is the obligation to open the VAT and also the registration with the Chamber of Commerce and sanitary authorization. There is the obligation to request the license if you are hosting facilities within the premises for games like poker. In this regard we refer to the commencement of the steps speaking sports betting agency. Customers will be the club members who can access the interior after having signed a card and have it performed prior to entry. If you do not respect this procedure, you face heavy fines and risk the closure of the premises. A private club is not subject to time restrictions, but is instead subjected to frequent and periodic inspections to ensure that inside you engage any illegal activity or exercise is conducted without undertaking the necessary permissions. If you want to avoid resorting to the required licenses to perform activities and services within the circle of business, you may join to other clubs paying a larger share of the annual enrollment of about 1000.


The legal form of private clubs, you will have already guessed, is that the association that is always made before a notary, by charter or statute which contains the principles of self. The bodies of the association are the President, or the legal representative of the Council that the Assembly shall elect, represented by all club members. An ‘association of private club is required, from about 12 years to prepare an income statement which lists the entries and exits. Features to create a private club for success are a good location and good provision of furniture and interior spaces that should facilitate relaxation and socialization among its members. Another strategy to increase the success of the club is to organize theme nights hosting people (also members) sharing the same interests and therefore, dance evenings, nights to promote meetings between singles and so on. The investment to open a private club is everything in real estate (better if already restored and in good condition) and the furniture. The space should be medium to large, but to have a better idea is to consult the municipal and sanitary regulations that provide the minimum areas to provide space for use as a game room or bar and restaurant. Just contact to the AUSL or the municipally where you intend to open the task. In summary, we can say that the minimum area should be at least 200 square meters. The rent of the premises has a variable cost depending on the region in which it is located circle: you can pay from 1000 to 3000 euros per month or 3500, depends on the conditions and state of the property. Also to furnish the investment is quite substantial, including tables, bar furniture, seating, sofas, (places must provide at least 100 members of the reception), ranging from 50 000 euro to rise. The cost of furniture should not be underestimated because it must be inspired by good taste and refinement typical of the spirit of a private club. Continued …

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