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August 31, 2010 | Finestra sulla Rete

The Web publishing, both for large than for small editors, is looking for a credible business model.

Earning with a newspaper online: which business model to adopt?

In recent months, there are not new releases in this field.

Ad Sense, in general, seems to be the model more used for large and small publishing projects.

Some editions of local newspapers, having a channel acquisition on its territory or at least allying with traditional realities of the media, are collecting small publicities and virtually pushed into competition with traditional local media (newspapers and free local press, advertising on radio and local television etc…)

Earning online: model fee

The fee model, experienced among others by the  Times (Murdoch Group), do not appears to give good results at the time.

Indeed, as a result of increased revenues, derived from subscriptions, there was therefore a sharp decline in readership and therefore we obtain the following results:

decline in the value of the pages (it is less visited) to advertisers;

loss of their readers (and therefore loss of ‘clients’);

strengthening of its competitors thanks to the change of visitors, gain visibility and new readers and of course also increase of their advertising revenues.

Earning online: the combine with other services

Some newspapers online, are using their space and their visibility to sell other products or services directly.

Currently, these experiments, being still in a start-up period, do not permit to measure well if these initiatives are positive.

Then, you must consider another aspect: these strategies can have a different impact depending on what you intend to sell or distribute on the portal and of course, it is necessary to assess the ‘weight’ and credibility of the portal.

So, you can not sell shoes, clothes, travel indifferent on any portal or an online newspaper.

Operate without a strategy and an analysis, may also have a negative effect on the brand of the site and on the credibility of the site from readers.

Indeed, similar marketing efforts, were already taken by some newspapers and magazines in the eighties, with the aim of making money at all costs.

The result is, that an often pressing marketing efforts, through the attempt to sell products and services that are not in line with the philosophy and image of the portal, surely will bring more problems than advantages.

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