Changing lives: finding new targets.

August 10, 2010 | Personal training

I come back on a matter, which in the past, we have repeatedly treated.

Changing lives: the evolution of life through the goals and expectations that everyone has.

If we think for a moment the great changes that the man has made in the course of its evolution and we look at all like a movie, we realize that there is not a period of consistent growth and innovations but beside to periods fairly static , there are other moments in history that are rich in developments and are witnesses of great change and growth.

Thus, even our lives, pass, in most cases, with seemingly monotonous phases or otherwise without major shocks and others in wich are moments of major changes or other external or internal tensions that then bring us to make some actions with big impact on our lives.

Changing life : The search for new challenges and new goals to be achieved

When we are dissatisfied of our life when we spend our life by pulling on, so, living day to day our life, it’s time to ask some questions.

Many times, we’re just going through a period of high stress, but in most cases, is the signal that we must have the courage to face this challenge and asking us the right questions.

Are we living the life we always wanted?

What we are doing, are we satisfied?

Looking at our situation a year or two (or more) back, we have improved our personal situation?

Let’s go back to express, as when we were kids, our dreams out loud and try to take note.

We also try to speak in a direct and honest with ourselves and express our thoughts loosely without prejudices or constraints of various kinds: we try to bring out our true emotions, our dreams real.

For once, let’s be honest with ourselves.

So let us ask:

What do we want?

What do we really need?

And then, reflect on what we are really doing to change and improve our lives.

Appointment to the next.

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