Create small and big business: to know do innovation.

August 1, 2010 | Redazionale

Happy Monday

The global competition, the spread of the Internet and its many uses, is changing the working life of billions of people.

Opportunities for small business: what’s changing?

Anyone has an interesting idea or a project, with the web, certainly has a huge megaphone.

The problem, unfortunately, are the scarcity of ideas.

Innovative ideas for winning business

When leaving a nice idea, the vast majority of people, runs to copy it.
Unfortunately, very few are, those who do have the ability to refine and improve those ideas to succeed and in some cases, to overcome the success of the first idea.

Creating business from the innovation.

The first pizza delivery service that brought the pizza at home, got a strong success.

The other competitors who arrived later, they queued, but few, have been able to offer something more or different than the first.

Being able to innovate continuously, without upsetting, is the winning recipe in each activity: small, medium or large.

Overcome this critical phase: innovation and creativity.

Our cultural background, fact of knowledge, experience but also and above all creativity, must especially in these times, grasp at any situation, even the smallest, the opportunities.

This is a recipe for ending the crisis but also to rediscover the dynamism and the driving force that in the past, has raised the mountains.

Good job

Andrea Figoli

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