Working online: the Internet changes and new challenges.

August 15, 2010 | Redazionale

Happy Monday,

As in the past I have had occasion to observe several times, the run to the business on the Net, is becoming fiercer and is referring more and more to subjects with large dimensions.

Earning online: business opportunities?

As in the past (the nineties), with the spread of connectivity, the great players, they swept away unceremoniously the small and local providers of connectivity; in the future, we will see at all levels, a strengthening of presence of large players to the detriment of many small companies.

The future of small bloggers and of the small businesses online

The comments of these days on the agreements between Verizon and Google and the so-called : network on two levels, beyond the specific consequences of this situation, however, leads to reflections.

Internet is increasingly the channel where it passes the business at any level and for any area.

And for those who want to carve out a space, becomes ever more pressing the need to look to the Internet and to the business model, with a more attentive and with capacity for action and analysis much faster than before.

Otherwise, it risks being left outside the door, without even be entered!

Good job

Andrea Figoli

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