Open a private club. Third part.

September 5, 2010 | Doing business

We continue our discussion on creating a private club. As already mentioned, the private club, also called private clubs, does not qualify as a genuine business activity, because it falls in the status of the association between individuals. Only the combination of restaurant and game also requires permits for business activities. But about this and other aspects, we had already discussed in past episodes.


In the latest part, we concluded talking about the investments necessary to start a private club. A very important part of the expenditure, that it should be devoted to furniture, to be tied to a particular style and a certain refinement. By its nature, an activity which aims to encourage communication and socialization, the ideal would be to study a particular design of furniture, maybe at theme. Every corner of the room or space, may be prepared according to a theme or a particular scenario. All this, however, has a cost, and not all companies selling furniture offer these furniture, accessories and themed. To attract more members may think, for example, to create rooms dedicated to romance with sofas and armchairs in pink, or passion, with furnishings of red fire, or you can imitate the styles of famous dining rooms and pubs, inspired by the theme of Divine Comedy with the distribution of salt in Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. All this, we said just now, has a cost and not easy to find such furniture in any commercial enterprise. In the case of private club, as well as pubs and nightclubs, themed furnishings are designed and manufactured on request and tailored. On the web we found some companies that specialize in that position. One of these is within this link: The site access is restricted to the registered users. This company has designed and manufactures furniture for different sectors of business (including clubs and night). Here is another company specializing in furniture design for industry And yet another link within

These prestigious companies, which boast achievements in Italy and abroad. To know the amount of the cost of furnishing a theme you should consult them directly by e-mail or phone.


There are many, that looking for to cut corners to save costs and they relies purchase of furniture and furnishing business at outlet prices. There are, in fact, the outlets of furniture. Here is a site that might be for you if you decide to retrofit the private club with a business activity related to food: / furniture-outlet-ristorante.htm. The savings is that in these particular types of shops are coming directly from the warehouses of furniture manufacturers.

However, for designing custom furnishings, the necessary step is that of consult some firms specialized design. The design and the style with which is set up a private club, they can determine the success or failure. Better to focus on refinement of high quality to be safe. Meanwhile, to get a first glimpse at some of the cost of furnishing essential to the preparation of a private club, we say that an armchair particularly elegant and well-made, can cost from 500 to 1000.


There are also of decent quality that cost 200 euros. A sofa of excellent quality, it ranges from 500 to 1300 euros. To see other prices can take a look at this link:, where we got the information you have just read. For the little tables to combine with armchairs and sofas, it goes from 150 to 300 euros. For the more refined it could take even 800 euros. So, the cost is substantial. The ideal solution would be to detect an existing private clubs (including premises and furnishings) and maybe spend just to modernize it with some particular element, not too expensive. Many of these occasions are in the sites of ads. Some are classified as a selling of nightclubs, but we know that entertainment, day or night, can always be part of the services offered by private clubs. The divestiture in size, have from 160 to 500 square meters. They are usally discotheques and restaurants with attached private rooms, where you can trasform, after the purchase, in a private club. The ideal procedure, would be the born of a association with a given number of founders (also 10) and buy the asset by spreading the cost (minimum 200 000 euros) from all.

In the next episode, we will understand what can be the ideal location of a private club and what is the fiscally profile of this type of activity.

Rosalba Mancuso

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