Open a newspaper online: earn money from advertising.

September 14, 2010 | Finestra sulla Rete

We return to this subject, after analyzing the cases of three local editions of newspapers online.

The three entrepreneurs that we have contacted, we have asked to them, direct questions about the viability and potential business models. These arguments, have highlighted some critical issues that all new entrepreneurs, they must absolutely see, already in preparation of their business plan.

Open a newspaper online: earn money from advertising.

The three entrepreneurs, all three, have gained significant business experience and enterprise.

Two of them, are also come from traditional media.

The impact with the Web, it was for them, on the one hand exciting, because it has faced them with the new challenges and also, the opportunity to overcome the limits of ‘visibility’ that the traditional media (radio, newspapers, etc.. ) are able to offer;

second, the need to reinvent a new business model that can support the new initiative.

The legend that advertising pays either any initiative : it is and remains only a legend.

Open an online newspaper: the critical elements

The highlighted items are:

need to achieve a number of visitors and visits, large enough;

gain the credibility and the authority to collect useful advertising

have the disponibility of a commercial organization to collect advertising

but above, verify all whether the catchment area, both in terms of visitors (because they are local editions), both in terms of capacity to collect advertisements, is compatible with the online initiatives that we are preparing.

One of three initiatives under consideration, will end its operations as it is inserted in a local context with a small population and already has two competitors already started and also quite solid.

So, although you are analyzing some innovative activities, we should always consider the potential market, both in terms of potential revenue available and in terms of potential competitors.

Otherwise, you risk to start an initiative that is unable to support themselves financially in the medium term.

And just as in traditional sectors, the companies stronger and able to overcome the selection and the competition can emerge.

Advertising as a source of monetization, it should be analyzed and considered not only in general terms ( … so, to fund all, there is the advertising … as if it was, the solution to every problem!) but referred to the project that we are starting.


you need to be able to quantify the numbers of our project and thus verify its feasibility.

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