Open an online newspaper: What business model?

September 12, 2010 | Redazionale

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Open a newspaper : wich media and what business models.

The news about the crisis of some well-known national media in the free press, is also associated with the now familiar analysis on traditional media (especially the printed newspaper) who are looking for a sustainable business model that goes beyond the simple public aid.

Open an online newspaper: which business model to follow?

This week, we resume the analysis of this sector, with the observation of some initiatives of small local newspapers on line , to know the necessary models of financial sustainability that the small online editions, must necessarily have to set up an action that can looking even to the long term.

While, it is useful to experiment and act even with pioneering spirit, on the other, it should also address this increasingly innovative sector, with a more careful approach to what are the normal guidelines of each entrepreneur, namely:

‘What to sell and who to sell it’

Thinking of bringing forward, initiatives that become financially sustainable in the medium term, but it even can not understand how and especially when, it is a gross error.

Also because today, there is a series (although not complete and accurate), on such initiatives and their results.


the rules of business, have also a value on the Web:

namely, it is always winning the rules of to start with a good business plan to be developed to better understand all the technical aspects and especially those financials, to undertake a successful business.

Good work.

Andrea Figoli

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