Open a business of success: when there are not the ideas. First part

September 10, 2010 | Doing business

Reading some forums or replies and comments to some posts of different sites, i reflected about a general discomfort.

It seems to be in some bars to hear some speeches, where some pensioners who complain their pensions.

But they forget that ‘some of them’ they left their work with less then 25 years of real work and their sons will receive half of what they take but must work almost twice as much.

Same thing for many our commentators online, when they speak about Web projects that are not financed and so they come to complain that the best ideas are not rewarded!

Open a business of success : but where are these ideas?

Many of the so-called ‘new ideas’ are really just copies of other sites or are ideas of successful only in the minds of those who believe it!

If we take some examples of sites of different fields, in some cases, such sites of sectors: real estate, information technology, e-commerce, auctions, etc. …. they all look the same.

Change a bit ‘graphics, some small service, but in substance are identical projects and with identic business models and that often, just for the projects currently published, is difficult to make ends meet!

Making money with a site: start looking around.

The unexpressed needs are many!

Services currently offered, have such a high levels of criticality that could enable the inclusion of new proposals and alternatives that can crowd out existing players.

However, almost all small entrepreneurs web, are moving in the same direction; so they submit the same proposal and of course: they must face the same issues.

Every entrepreneur, must put at the center of his thoughts the objective of offering a service that meets real needs and so thus covers a real need.

Otherwise, it’s like opening an another bakery, on a street where the three furnaces currently open, are struggling to get by.

We meet in the second part, where we finish our analysis in the field of traditional companies.

Andrea Figoli

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