Create a business plan: from the dream … to the company

September 22, 2010 | Personal training

It always talk about business plans.

In our post, always remembering the need for every aspiring entrepreneur or such, to develop their business plans for each project they intends to start.

Create a business plan: where to start.

Obviously, it starts with an idea, a dream that is in our minds.

The business plan is the tool that allows us to put on paper what we want to do.

Warning! The business plan is not just a document that you write what you want to do but it is the right approach in all its aspects, including the concerns, fears, ideas and solutions that sometimes seem bizarre that gradually we come to mind.

In short, the business plan is the history of our project, of our future business, of our activity of entrepreneurs.

Starting a business: what is the business plan?

Then, do a business plan, on the one hand is to report and describe all aspects of our company: resources, strategies, marketing, cash flow, etc..

Second, is a diary, where we periodically update all information and solutions, even those who for the most part, we will leave for other solutions that we deem better.

The business plan becomes a dynamic tool, our travelling companion on our journey of entrepreneurs.

In short, we could also define the business plan as : our partner in our business experience.

This, always allows us to be careful and prepared, in the development of our project and able to act, or even changing idea or questioning some aspects, if when writing the analysis, we had to realize that it need to change strategy.

So, the business plan is a partner, a partner who helps himself to highlight the critical aspects of our project and also to continuously improve our business.

Today, we wanted to describe the business plan by the point of view of the entrepreneur and his personal use.

Obviously, the business plan also has a function to the outside: potential funders, partners, institutions, etc..

But about it, we will speak in the future.

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