Create a web site successful: some things to consider. First part.

September 1, 2010 | Finestra sulla Rete

We return on a subject already treated in the past.

Much is written and said about how to index a site. The type of platform to use, and of course, on the various options (strategies) for marketing use.

Little is written on the business model and strategies for the success of a Web portal

Earning with a site: the current situation.

The current situation has not changed much in recent months.

Yes, we are talking about months.

The weather on the Web than the traditional market, has a different value.

That is, solutions and models change at such a speed that any strategy or an innovative business model that is currently winning, might not be true in six months, when it plans to exit the site on which we worked for some time.

Create successful sites: the time factor and balance ‘on the move’.

The time factor and the ability to field innovative and fully integrated solutions in a timely manner, can come out winners or losers, sometimes for only a matter of little.

So , even after the birth of a great innovative design, we must remember that the competitive advantage over potential competitors, is greatly reduced compared to traditional sectors.

So in developing a successful Web project, are good certain rules:

be able to differentiate than the competitors

reach a volume of traffic and consensus in a short time

take into account the affordability of the project (how to monetize?)

identify the right timing to go out with our project

adaptability and progressive updating to market needs (in other words starting with a project which in fact is ‘always open’).

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