Open a shop of used products. Fourth part.

October 18, 2010 | Doing business

As we have seen in past episodes, the method of sale of a market of the used can be conducted or commissioned warrant brokerage or directly with the public, with the purchase and resale of the property already being used.


The possible expansion of the turnover of a market does not exclude the possibility of combining the selling of the used products with the sale of the new products, in this case you would use the VAT to the total global, already seen for the sale of used products in their own account . The premises suitable to combine the sale of new and used, are therefore larger than the minimum cited in the second part of our report, and not 40, but at least 60 -70 sqm. If you do not have such a large space and want to save on rent or purchase price of ‘property, one can think of online sales, to be achieved through e-commerce platforms. With the e-commerce, they can sell new or used.


In our case, we will talk about flea market on line. For e-commerce it means, in fact, the sale or operation of electronic commerce via the web. At the core of an e-commerce there is always a website that is a real company with physical headquarters, offices, VAT and registration at chamber of commerce. The ability to sell through the web, used items, allows you to expand the number of potential customers and reduce costs of warehouse goods. The flea market is particularly suited to online sales of used through the intermediary, that is, through the assignment given by the owner to sell their used items. After taking in the view of the property used by the manager of the shop on line, the object can safely remain in the warehouse of the owner and delivered to the purchaser at the end of sale. The method of operation of a flea market online is very simple, contact the owner on-line marketplace, establish an office to sell to the operator of the site, send a description and images to be published on the site, the customer navigates the site, selects the goods used for his interest, buy and pay via online payment systems.


The most popular sites are of selling of used products, are and Ebay which has just launched the section E-Bay listings. Regarding, this is a real site where the ads used goods is put up for sale by its owners, taking shape as a sale on its own behalf in the pure sense of the term which occurs occasionally. The site works because as an encounter between supply and demand, offering an intermediation completely free. Ebay is, however, the e-commerce platform and best-known brokerage in the world, as well as a prestigious auction site online, where to sell are often companies and professional sellers. The transactions that occur through the portal require, in fact the payment of fees, then it is a real service brokerage. On Subito and on Ebay can find used products for all types and all genres, from mobile to mobile, wedding dress. These two realities, are the main competitors for who wants to create an online marketplace of the products used. If you are not make the correct advertising strategies and programs, if you do not define the category to be treated, the risk is more likely to fail the business in a period of time longer or shorter. Ensure this is possible. The solutions exist and about the data show the presence of online markets, highlighted during the search: 503 000. Some of these sites, are similar at, offering an intermediation free, others to Ebay. The first step is to understand what kind of commercial profile of used products, give to the site online. If you point to the free, the goal should be to increase traffic and the number of members to increase the advertising value of the portal, then it will be a portal for listings in the pure sense and traditional, which acts as a container for information and descriptions on the products sold. In this case it will be a real editorial product, similar to the paper magazine ad, which must be edited by an editorial, duly registered and managed by a chief. If the site aims to provide a service brokerage business model on Ebay, it will be a company e-commerce must have regular and VAT registration with the Chamber of Commerce (including the publishing company must have the free portal VAT Chambers and registration). The legal framework and taxation of e-commerce is similar to traditional commerce, so that even the online flea market will be subject to the same rules that we have already described for the flea market in physical location. More …

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