Open a shop of used products. Fifth part.

October 27, 2010 | Doing business

In the last episode, we started to discuss on launching an online flea market. We also pointed out some aspects of competition from well-known giants of e-commerce and some how to sell through a website or web portal. The marketing technique is to choose from or related to the business model of big names of e-commerce or personal evaluations. But it is not said that a giant of the sales on line, must necessarily be a competitor of your company. Indeed, portals like or E-bay, are used not only by individuals, but also by companies. The private can also put on line in his product, but also a flea market online or with a physical location, can make sale of products supplied by customers.


The modus operandi of a flea market on line, will, in this case, to use the visibility of the large portals for promotional purposes, ie to find buyers. Of flea markets that sell only via the Web, there are many, we have already given some figures in the last episode, so the ideal would be to aim for online sale in the local area, that is the way to do that to find are only buyers living near or in the same geographic area. Just recently, the group EBay has launched the “E-Bay ads” where you can post offers to sell by category and geographic area and where, through some basic research, buyer and seller that are in the immediate vicinity, may enter in touch. Such a sales platform is very useful to companies looking to find local customers, but also to promote themselves without much advertising. A flea market online is certainly also made to operate in large, that is to be known to potential customers around the world trying to save money by buying used items. The Internet is by its nature, a tool for sharing and for the world to achieve this visibility, you need to invest in web advertising, with targeted tools such as Google Adwords and optimization procedures of e-commerce platform treated by specialists in the marketing seo . Set the campaign, the messages, with links to your site will appear at the top of search results and sites in the field of advertising channels affiliated with Google. The popular search engine also allows you to set the campaign to be found only by local clients, just select the options on the geographic area of your choice. In short, promoting online, a flea market the same name, is not difficult, as it is not difficult to compare with the competition, are just a little ‘patience and as I said, you know how.


The most important criterias on which to focus are, for the online market, local markets and the appropiate niche of products. A flea market online is more suitable for consumer electronics products (computer monitors, cell phones) but also books, or products that are sold more frequently through e-commerce. Nothing prevents you from even trying to sell used clothing or furniture, but the important thing is the ability to track customers who, after photos, can see the object even live. We stress this point repeatedly, to show you that even now the web is a saturated market is always open to exploring new business and innovations, but in every case very “crowded”. Narrow the field, allows to halve the re-entry times to the scheme of an activity that to take off online requires hard work. In Italy, e-commerce is not at the level of other countries, the percentage of conversion after an advertising campaign are still low. On 1000 visits, only a few , very few are buying. So the ideal campaign should point to large numbers (for example, be seen by 100 000 users), but these numbers should remain in a given geographical area. The flea markets are subject to less than 100 thousand monthly global research, same numbers for the local ones, so better to focus on local. The competition in the industry for the volume of searches is about 50%, so there are still areas of the market. Much of the niche, is used concerning antique furniture or antiques, with a volume of 18 000 searches, but competition still very low. For the used book markets, the volumes of research are less than 2 000, with a maximum of 50%. The search volume for the flea markets where you specify the city, shall not comprise between 2 and 3 000 searches. It ‘clear that the volume of search in the local area, decrease, while growth of opportunities to have contacts in live that can lead to listing. So even if the online marketplace, it is useful to combine the presence of a second hand store. Continued …

Rosalba Mancuso

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