Profitable activities: the opening in an industry saturated. Part One

October 22, 2010 | Doing business

In all the articles that have been published, we stressed how important it is during the preparation of business plans, the market analysis and competitors.

Open a task when there is plenty of competition

Two factors, among others connected to each other, to be observed with attention, are:

the level of competition

the stage where you will find this type of market

The level of competition that is present : we can analyze it by looking at the competitors present and the type of offering and strategy that they bring forward.

The stage where is located that sector: it is a bit ‘more difficult to define but it is clear that we must understand the health status (the condition of this industry or the niche in which we intend to open the task).

Therefore, we must understand if for the sector that we are considering, we are faced with a phase:

Growth and expansion

Pre saturation as in a time when you do not see revenue growth in this area

decline: that is, we are in the time of the reduction in sales or otherwise, that is, in a crisis-fledged industry.

Open a profitable business: how to fit into an area already saturated or with many competitors?

There are famous examples of such initiatives that have been placed in crowded areas or contexts and with fierce competitors and strong, still managed, despite everything, to carve out a space interesting.

Obviously, behind these initiatives successful, we find an innovative strategy that is putting in niches little exploited by using new formulas.

Open a profitable business: to make their way among thousands of competitors

Thinking of the paper publishing, a sector hard hit by the crisis and with the collapse of the sales and of advertising, we can take as an example : the birth of the, a newspaper which was launched just over a year ago and works successfully.

Of course, has implemented a strategy of diversification compared to its competitors, offering services of inquiry that the other newspapers, from long they do not propose, apart from a few rare cases.

In football, Italian Serie A, made of high costs, high level of sponsorship and many fans who buy season tickets to the stadiums, we take the case of Chievo Verona, a team that refers to a basin of about 5000 inhabitants, within a area well covered by another ‘competitor’ : the Verona football.

Still, the formula adopted by this successful and dynamic company that sees together: passion, professionalism and voluntary, has shocked every hypothetical strategy and formula so far processed.

The examples that you can do, therefore, are many.

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